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Monday, October 08, 2007 

Did You Know (PART I)

(interesting facts on Mumbai)

1) ... that single / 2 / 3 guys are not allowed into clubs. Apparently the ratio of girls to guys is 1:5 and club proprietors do not want too many blokes hanging around. So at least 1 girl must accompany 3 guys.

2) ... the local drivers cruise around with one hand on the steering wheel and another on the horn. Honking, unlike in KL, is encouraged and accepted as a way of life so there’s no dirty looks from fellow road users. In fact, most vehicles have a “Blow OK horn” at the back.

3) ... beef tastes awful here as most locals are vegetarians / Buddhists / Hindu. So what they do not eat, they do not excel in cooking. 99% of menus does not include beef. :(

4) ... Indians eat late. They don’t take breakfast, lunch at 3pm is common and dinner parties start at 11pm. Who says Chinese wedding dinners are bad?

5) ... the dogs near our apartment howl EVERY night at the EXACT time? Locals say dogs howl when a spirit passes. I refrained from checking the time or peeping out the window coz... I dun wanna know.

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