Thursday, December 11, 2008 

Duit Kopi

I loved my car.

From the overall aerodynamic design to the colour, I always felt there is a bitable-chewy-gummy-like-substance-thingy laquer surrounding the metallic sheen of light blue that makes her look kinda yummy. Interior is compact with simple chic. Sporty yet classy. Love it.

Until recently, when a gearbox problem started and my warranty expired ngam-ngam around that time. It took me alot of pain, stress and time trying to get it fixed under warranty. For starters, I sent my car in 3x and fault not detected coz 'computer says no' and thus, problem not solved. To complicate matters further, the SC manager was away for a week and after that, Clyde and I went overseas for 2 weeks. There was also alot of he says-she says from different mechanics from the same SC so I sourced for advice and opnions from other owners in a car forum coz a little extra knowledge won't kill anyone rite. All in all, I had to send my car in 5x within a month, much to the amusement of friends, family and colleagues.

Anyway, to cut a long story short, gearbox was not replaced but the manager in question returned, some other parts was replaced, minimal charges to labour and ATF oil. Problem solved. Everybody happy. Back slapping all around. The end. Or so I thought.


I got flamed in the forum.

Some dude (let's call him M) chastised me for turning to forumers for help instead of respective authorities. M also said since I brought a fellow forumer to the SC, all mechanics "taada soong" and will "leok kaw kaw" me. He also advised me to buy mechanics teh tarik as the main solution instead of sending in complaints and claims. If I didn't like it, I should keep it to myself and sit tight, or sell my car.

And this the new millenium we are talking about, in modern day Malaysia, not some backward-thinking, shady-corrupted, bribery-taking, gangster-character 50's company that only layan customers bcoz we geng la brudder.

I guess we can never rid ourselves of 'sampah masyarakat', the type who know a little but talk like they know alot. The same ones who keep quiet during a drama, but after everything is said and done, he/she puts on a white wig and play judge and starts reading our sentences.

There is one in every community. I have found mine.

Have you?

(sounds like slogan for an 80's ad!)

Follow up note: Dunno true or not, heard this through the grapevine... my case is under monitored and has been classified as 'red flag', meaning it won't be any easier to claim parts or have major fixes in the future. This is what you get when you stand up for your own rights.

Thursday, December 04, 2008 

Not Sked

Humans love to judge. Tell them a situation and you will get the verdict, whether you like it or not, whether it's right or wrong.

I was amused by the mixed reactions on my new-found freedom. Intrigued, even. Now, I just feel bored. When I first announced I resigned from my job of 5+ years, I see the shock, the question marks and then finally it comes, like rain pouring down my window... THE SYMPATHY. Usually it comes with soft clucking noises, like hens surrounding a wounded chick. The more discreet ones will attempt a joke or two, which usually involves remarks like "wana make bb izit?". The others, well, will go straight to the point, something I didn't forsee like "Ooohh.. you took too much leave arr? Why dun wait for bonus? Or until get job arr? Why now? GOT FIRED IZIT??"

Then everything falls into place. The irony of it all. The want for freedom and plain happiness without teeth-clenching, gut-wrenching days ended up with wrong assumptions and thus, wrong stories.

So leme get the story straight; Bonnie likes what she does, and does what she likes, when she wants to.

The end.

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