Monday, June 23, 2008 

PAWS Roadshow


PAWS is had a roadshow at Ikano few weekends ago and so I volunteered for fundraising activities. The booth was located between Ikea and Ikano, next to the indoor children’s playground on Ground floor. Tucked between SPCA and WWF’s booth, I sat there awkwardly as the other volunteers chirpily go about selling merchandise and approaching customers.

After an hour, I’ve had enough and was contemplating about taking off. Personally, I rather work with animlas than humans. I had enough of humans 7 days a week. But something held be back. Could be my kiasu-ness of not wanting to look like a quitter. :D

So, I hung around some more.

And then it rained. Our makeshift canopy was leaking and caused a flood. We had to remove the dogs and put them somewhere dry. So each volunteer grabbed 1 dog. I got a 2 year old chow chow / mongrel mix female coincidentally named after my 1st love, Sherry. She is the sweetest thing actually, with small hazelnut brown eyes, a trusting nature and as manja as a cat.

Anyway, I took her for walks around the tent and the public adored her. 2 young Sabahan girl was asking me questions about Sherry and after 2 visits, they eventually adopted her.

I was over the moon! Our 1st adoption for the day! The cats were all taken but Sherry was the 1st dog! I did it!!! We got the paperwork done and Sherry’s off to her new home. I felt elated coz it’s really hard to find homes for adult dogs as people feel more inclined to adopt puppies. What more, she ain’t exactly what you call pedigree.

I felt so motivated that I returned to help out the 2nd day. Unfortunately, Sherry was still there. I was told that her new mistress’ housemate had an asthma attack. Dang.

I hope she has better luck next time. :’(


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