Saturday, March 25, 2006 

Me and My Manga

I love manga. All sorts of manga. Japanese, Chinese, name it, I love it. Unfortunately, those affordable copies on sale in Malaysia are in Chinese. And that’s the menyampah part; I can’t read Chinese. I know now got England version, but back in the 80’s where got Kinokuniya wan? If got also very mahal lah. My precious Blade of The Immortal set already jacked up to RM800+ from book 1 - 15, and the story belum tamat yet wey.

Back in the 80’s, all comics were scripted in Chinese so I rugi-ed a lot. I always thought that if I stared real hard at the Chinese characters, somehow by sheer willpower, the alien characters will translate themselves into meaningful sentences. So much for faith la. All I managed to do was get myself cock-eyed. sigh


Welcome to the 21st century where the number of ‘banana people’ increased. Happy days are here again! Now we have locally translated affordable mangas in English and mostly, BM. Now that’s what I call technology, people! And by affordable I mean below RM10 senaskah. I lurve those published by Gempak Starz sebab ade kualiti kontrol sikit, bang. I must admit that there are those so badly translated it is incoherent and some frames are missing. Cam sial. Anything for a quick buck.

My personal foreign copyright favourite cartoonists includes Kubonouchi Eisaku, Shimaki Ako, Kazui Kazum, Hinako Ashihara, Keiko Honda. For local it would be Zint who published several graphic novels of his own.

Once in awhile I cheat and buy from other publishers only stumble upon ‘hentai’ materials. Heh.

Gempak Starz, translate cepat sikit...I dah habeh baca semua lah...


Banana people: The banana metaphor refers to us English-speaking Chinks who are Chinese illiterate; yellow skin on the outside but white on the inside.
Hentai: Japanese porn.

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Monday, March 20, 2006 


'nuff said.

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Psss.... Don't Tell Anyone!

Secret - a piece of information that is known by only a small number of people, and is deliberately not told to other people

I have
this supplier who's doing some printing finishing effect for me. Well, generally he is a very hardworking and responsible guy whom I have no problem working with. However, the only problem with this joker is; he likes to gather extra information, useful to him or not, whenever he got the chance to.

I work in an office shared by two other colleague of mine, which means even sometimes when I wasn't around, the room will still be opened. As a result, there'll be people, especially the ones waiting to meet up with me, sitting near my desk even when i wasn't around.

It started with one day a few months ago I realised some of the documents on my desk were being moved when i was away. At first I thought it's my colleague and didn't pay much attention to it. Later I realised most quotation from this particular supplier are actually a cent of half a cent cheaper than his competitors. So I started to do experiment with him and, of course, with few other suppliers too, and realised almost everytime he's at my place and i wasn't around, he would peep my stuff. Including his competitor's quotation.

day, he came to visit me for briefing for a new product. Before that I'd asked his competitor to give me a quote with the lowest price which I promised him I won't pass the job to him. He can be asured he will not need to do the job with a lost.

When he's here, after I gave him the briefing, I told him that he've to gimme a quote on the spot for it's an urgent case; the project is P&C and shall keep secret. So I left him alone on my desk and passed him calculator and stuff.

When I came back to my desk 10 minutes later, he handed over me a quotation. Almost as expected, it's half a cent cheaper than the other quotation that is supposed to be hidding in my tray among other dosument. Not sure (most likely) he's making a lost but I am sure i am getting a damn good deal for this!

Well well well, the moral of this story is: First, don't peep! Second, if you found out a secrect, it's always planned to be seen; whether it's deliberately by someone or by God. If it's by God, you're pretty much safe (coz God won't purposely bring u to hell). If it's by some human being, discovering the
secret might get u into deeper shit than u expected.

* "Ok, I'll tell u this which XXX told me. BUT don't tell anybody, promise?" *

P/S: the deal is actually a small one; even if he's made a lost, it won't be more than two thousand bucks.

Thursday, March 16, 2006 

Stuck On You

I hate clingy women.

I hate clingy men even more.

It was a fat Tuesday so I headed down to my friendly neighbourhood gym for 2 hours of workout. We had a newcomer, a sweet chinese girl in her twenties. She was kinda cute, the way she struggled with her 2lb free weights. She was opposite the shoulder machine I was using so I saw the instructor guiding her. A guy in flip flops walked up to her side, folded his arms and eyed her from a distance of 6”.

Strange, I thought. He wasn’t gymming with her, and neither was he coaching her although he was chatting with her throughout her workout. The instructor even asked him to sit at the reception area if he insisted on waiting for his girlfriend / fiancé / wife / sister / mother (!).

He did disappear for a while, but after 5 minutes, he was back. Inconsiderate fler. Oredi the studio so small, waffor wanna crowd around? You think everybody wanna hit on your gurfren meh...choi...hit oso hit on me first la...prettiest auntie in PJ...some say USJ...

*hyuk hyuk*

Tuesday, March 14, 2006 


Bobo's made it to Heaven.

Lucky bitch.

My first encounter with Bobo was when she spent the night at our place, uninvited. She slipped off quietly the next morning, not knowing I was hot on her heels. I padded along silently like a thief. She stopped at a terrace house down the road and waited at the gate. After 10 minutes, I was getting impatient. I pressed the doorbell and was greeted by a 40-something housewife. The whole conversation went something like this:

"Auntie?" I said.

"Auntie, is this your dog? She spent the night at my place, in case you were worried. Sorry I couldn't tell you earlier coz I didn't know who is her owner."

"Oh, yes ar? You can have her if you want. We got no time to look after her."

Although I wasn't impressed with how her mind works, I was glad to have Bobo coz she proved to be a pleasant addition to our family of 3 adults, 1 dog, 2 cats, 4 kittens, 1 turtle and 6 carps.

She was a docile canine which yelped rather than barked and got along well with Whiskey, our terrier-mixed mutt, the cats and their kittens, which Whiskey hated with a passion.

The years whizzed past. I got hitched and only got to see the dogs when I visited my mom on weekends.

Sunday, 26th February 2006 was a traumatic day as mom dully informed me that Bobo passed away 5 days ago. She was still decomposing in the garden as mom was not strong enough to dig for a grave. Clyde and I bought some soil and promptly covered Bobo's carcass.

Bobo must have known her time has come, for she crawled off to a corner to die.


..just as we've found her.

Bobo, rest in peace. I will see you again.

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