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Monday, March 20, 2006 

Psss.... Don't Tell Anyone!

Secret - a piece of information that is known by only a small number of people, and is deliberately not told to other people

I have
this supplier who's doing some printing finishing effect for me. Well, generally he is a very hardworking and responsible guy whom I have no problem working with. However, the only problem with this joker is; he likes to gather extra information, useful to him or not, whenever he got the chance to.

I work in an office shared by two other colleague of mine, which means even sometimes when I wasn't around, the room will still be opened. As a result, there'll be people, especially the ones waiting to meet up with me, sitting near my desk even when i wasn't around.

It started with one day a few months ago I realised some of the documents on my desk were being moved when i was away. At first I thought it's my colleague and didn't pay much attention to it. Later I realised most quotation from this particular supplier are actually a cent of half a cent cheaper than his competitors. So I started to do experiment with him and, of course, with few other suppliers too, and realised almost everytime he's at my place and i wasn't around, he would peep my stuff. Including his competitor's quotation.

day, he came to visit me for briefing for a new product. Before that I'd asked his competitor to give me a quote with the lowest price which I promised him I won't pass the job to him. He can be asured he will not need to do the job with a lost.

When he's here, after I gave him the briefing, I told him that he've to gimme a quote on the spot for it's an urgent case; the project is P&C and shall keep secret. So I left him alone on my desk and passed him calculator and stuff.

When I came back to my desk 10 minutes later, he handed over me a quotation. Almost as expected, it's half a cent cheaper than the other quotation that is supposed to be hidding in my tray among other dosument. Not sure (most likely) he's making a lost but I am sure i am getting a damn good deal for this!

Well well well, the moral of this story is: First, don't peep! Second, if you found out a secrect, it's always planned to be seen; whether it's deliberately by someone or by God. If it's by God, you're pretty much safe (coz God won't purposely bring u to hell). If it's by some human being, discovering the
secret might get u into deeper shit than u expected.

* "Ok, I'll tell u this which XXX told me. BUT don't tell anybody, promise?" *

P/S: the deal is actually a small one; even if he's made a lost, it won't be more than two thousand bucks.

Dude, even Einstein cabn't crack this.

Bonnie Babe: I smell sarcasm......
This's not to be cracked, is just a design.

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