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Monday, February 27, 2006 

New Year, Old Fart

Another spring, another foot in the grave.


I am getting old.

No doubt about it. Age is just a number you say? Nope, age has everything to do with it. I find myself behaving like an old fool, playing safe, taking less risks.

Case in hand: I used to play the infamous Playstation Action Adventure game Resident Evil, and I played all 3 sequels. I am talking about blowing off the heads of zombies and night creatures alike, alone, at 3am, with guns ablazing, heart thumping, sweaty palms and all. Now, I can’t even last 3 minutes on Kuon or Fatal Frame (to the uninitiated, think :”The Ring” but in real-time term). The thought ot being face-to-face with the undead sends chills up my spine.

It also takes a little longer to get ready for work each day, having to hide the hateful fine lines around the eye area.

At meals, I do a mental calculation of my cholesterol and calorie intake. I do salads for lunch at least twice a week. I cheat sometimes, but not without fretting and frowning about it, which aggravates more wrinkles. *sigh*

My version of a wild night is having decaf coffee at 6 in the evening.

I maker it a point to gym at least 3x a week, sweating profusely and not stopping until I feel the painful pull of my muscles, like today.

I only check in at hotels with clean, private toilets. Failing which, I bring my own Dettol to disinfect the toilet bowl.

With other married colleagues, all we ever talk about is how to get rid of shirt collar stains.

I keep my eyes peeled for warehouse sales every weekend.


This is bullshit.

What happened to the gung-ho, risk taker, say it as I see fit daredevil that I was? Will I end up being one of those old folks who talk and talk without getting any point across?

Que sera sera.

Ha! another brain-washed-by-the-media poor soul!

Why whine? you are just, from beer turning into wine. Obviously teenager or college students will prefer beer to wine. However, it always take a person with a more developed taste to appreciate wine.

Old, is not a word be associate with a person your age. Don't be fooled by the media. Now is the age, with the right amount of wisdom and energy, when a person shine the most.

I think you are still very young, at least is still too young to appreciate what you are going to be today and tomorrow. Grow up!

As for old people (physically), don't have prejudice against them. Someday when you have enough wisdom, you will understand what they're saying.

about you statement "....one of those old folks who talk and talk without getting any point across?" I thought that's the specialty of young kid? don't believe? check out mamak where college kid hang out or go watch some horror flick with teenager in it.

I think talking crap that nobody understand is patented act by young kids.

You are in your best time of your life

Am I now?

If you are woken up by creaky sounds, it's probably my bones and joints in the morning.

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