Friday, May 23, 2008 

Cupid 1


Something Clyde said 2 days ago triggered off some distant memories.

It was the twilight of 1997 when I was retrenched. The future seemed bleak and jobs were scarce. I even considered venturing into servicing department in different fields. Even then, I scanned every classified in every newspaper everyday, holding on to a sliver of desperation, hoping to continue doing what I love most - Advertising.

And then, I spotted a teeny ad advertising for the post of a Graphic Designer. I went for it although the company name was unknown and the office was located under a rock- Jalan Kuchai Lama. Slim pickings, so I pestered Clyde to drive me there.

It was post working hours when I entered the 2nd floor of a small shop house while Clyde waited in the car. I pressed the doorbell and a tall, skinny bespectacled man in his late 30’s who introduced himself as the Creative Director opened the door. I took a seat, shoved my folio underneath his bored face and began my horse and pony show.

He listened with no emotion and then it came, THE question, the pinnacle of curiosity of every CD I met.

CD: Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

Bonnie: Um, hopefully I will be in some international agency... become an AD... see my work on TV... win some awards... ahah hah hah...

CD: Awards?? I will never understand why would anyone want that?? I have a cluster of awards and even a silver Clio but it has done nothing for my career!!

Bonnie: YOU DO?? WHERE? CAN I SEE???

CD: Um, I don’t have it here but I do! I worked at McCan, LB, JWT, just to name a few. Why, have you heard of the movie ‘Cupid No. 1’? I produced it! I worked along side Sally Yeh, Mark Cheng, Chow Yuen Fatt. But I don’t go around telling anybody!!

Bonnie: *wide eyed doe*

CD: Anyway, can you help me with this artwork. I think the computer’s gone kaputt. I can’t even on the damn thing.

Bonnie: Here, press the ‘on’ button.

CD: Oh.

Bonnie: -_-

Funny but true.

Friday, May 09, 2008 

5 Words Game

For a very long time, i have never found something so funny..........

I m a member of this forum for quite some time, and have made quite some friends in it, cyber friends.

Today i accidently bump into this thread; titled: 5 words story. It's like everybody post 5 words sentence each time; to continue a story. It's exactly like the mini game we all used to play in school.

I read thru the whole thing, it has almost a thousand posts; lasted for over a year.

It's just so funny seeing these jokers being so creative. I cant explain it but it's just so funny i couldnt stop laughing in my office.

Well, i have, am having, and probably will be having a good day!

Tuesday, May 06, 2008 



Congrats to Annie!

Baby Kok Weng was born last Friday 2nd May morning.

He's very hairy and teeny and aww... lookit the little face all wrinkled up like an assamboi... but a cute one nonetheless.


Monday, May 05, 2008 

9 to 5

Clyde and I sampled the Japanese buffet in Sg Wang top floor last Saturday night (don’t remember the name of restaurant coz the food wasn’t nice) when a group of youngsters settled down at the table next to ours. I use the term ‘youngsters’ loosely coz they were obviously in their early 20’s and fresh out of college, looking for jobs.

While Clyde was busily walloping sushi, my ears pricked up (kpc mah) coz 1 of the guys at the table were making a play for the only girl at the table of 7. He was encouraging the gal to apply for a job at his office.

“Don’t worry,” he said, “You will be working with me and I promise nobody will bully you.”

“Really?” she smiled in response, “But what time do you usually get off work?”

“Oh, not to worry. I get off work at 5.30 sharp everyday,” he reassured her.

That got me thinking. Is that the top most priority concern on yuppies’ minds nowadays? The time they get off work? What about career opportunities? Mentor ship? Personal growth? Folio & resume?

During my days as a freshie, I did cartwheels upon landing a job, the bigger the company the better. Because I was an unknown, I needed to be associated with international agencies, experienced people and famous brands. If there’s anything I learnt, it would be to swim with the sharks. Pay the price and you will reap the rewards later.

And don’t, DON’T ever complain about working too hard.

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