Wednesday, February 28, 2007 

Why I Hate Blacks

... was the title of an article published in Asian Week, a San Francisco weekly newspaper by Asian Supremacist Kenneth Eng. How did a column with a title as blatant as that get published, remains a mystery although relevant authorities has been apologising to the public.

According to Eng:

"Blacks hate us. Every Asian who has ever come across them knows that they take almost every opportunity to hurl racist remarks at us."

"Contrary to media depictions, I would argue that blacks are weak-willed. They are the only race that has been enslaved for 300 years."

"Blacks are easy to coerce. This is proven by the fact that so many of them, including the Rev. Al Sharpton, tend to be Christians."

I wanna read that controversial article but for the life of me, it’s been pulled off all web sites.

Anyone got a copy?


Hum Kah Ling

Whenever I feel like telling off someone whom I can’t in real-time mode, I play LMF’s infamous “Hum Kah Ling” full blast on my laptop (Clyde’s recommendation).

Damn stim.



I spent a lot of time with my biological family this CNY compared to the previous years. In fact, I was a bit OD-ed with the attention.

Suddenly the dark clouds parted, the rain stopped and the sun came out.

Nah, our relationship didn’t get any better, but it sure made my other problems seem miniscule! :D

Monday, February 26, 2007 

Having Kids...

... is kinda like having a pet. Some people dig the commitment and responsibility, some don’t.

I don't see SPCA going around forcing animals down people's throats by saying, "Coz your mother says so! And your father wants one! If you don't adopt a pet, you will be too old later so do it NOW!"

You dig?


I Hate CNY

I hate the endless spring cleaning.

I hate the pre-CNY crowds in shopping malls.

I hate waking up early.

I hated mom’s grouchy moods during ancestor worship.

I hate feeling alone with all my friends being back in their respective hometowns.

I hate the not-so-subtle showing offs on how well people / their business / kids are doing under the pretext of “reunion”.

I hate wearing red.

I hate the noisy firecrackers going late at night.

I hate cheesy CNY songs.

I hated being questioned about marriage.

I hate being questioned about babies.
(whoever think CNY / weddings is a good time to ask such KPC questions is actually ruining other people’s celebration)

I hate, I hate, I hate.

Wednesday, February 14, 2007 

Valentine Ungkleleke Naleke

May I take this commercialised and money-making February 14 as an opportunity to tell the world what kind of man Clyde is.

He is the most generous (*ahem*...I wanna eat pork knuckle tonight), forgiving (always the first one to say sorry), loving (foot massage pls), understanding (esp when I “need” to buy another pair of black pants) and patient man (not a peep from him when he has to wait for me) I’ve ever known. Clyde is perhaps the only person who can see the good in Bonnie beneath her stubborn and steely exterior (achelly I am a lil’ kitten inside... meowrrr...).

So, thank you for 10 good years... and still counting.

Happy Valentine’s Day darling! Aishiteru!

Footnote: In order to save up for our up-and-coming Korea trip, we have decided not to exchange gifts. So a simple celebration is in order.

Saturday, February 10, 2007 

One Lup

Man, it's 5.45am on a Friday night (or a Saturday morning) and I am still working. And I am expected to continue working in another 4 hours. *whimper, whimper*

While waiting for work to get done, I spent the last hour playing Blackjack with the studio gals. A cheery bunch, they are. A lot of shouting and laughing was involved and after an hour, I won 1 buck. Teehee.

Yup. CNY is around the corner although it feels nothing like it (except for the tidious spring cleaning at home).

Ok, that's it for now. I CAN GO HOME! FINALLY!!! :)

Wednesday, February 07, 2007 

Because I Can

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I have been having tears in my dreams for the past few nights. I cant remember whether I did actually cry it out or just silently shedding tears.

Even my pillow is wet.

I don't know the reason, I don't understand the cause, and I certainly don't recall those dreams.

I just cried.

I remember when I was young I wrote something like this: Darkness is not something should be feared. It's there since the begining of time, side by side with light. It's human that's afraid of darkness. And to counter that, they start creating unnecessary lights, or brightness......"

I was,at that time, very much into human psychology, subconsious, and the new age thinking.

As for my tears now, the moment I started to question my mental health, I stopped myself. Perhaps it's better leaving a part of myself unseen, being absolutely hidden in darkness.

You may say I'm being selfish for if I'd lost my mind, I would be a big burden to my love ones. I don't know how to answer that but whatever it will be, it will not be long before we all meet again in heaven. We human can't live that long.

We all are going to die someday and things before that doesn't seem to be much of a big deal. Just enjoy our fare share of laughters and cryings.

Maybe I really should have a child.

P/S: Just got my daily lyrics quote: " In my life, I don't mean much to anyone - James Morrison". Damn I almost cry again. Think I'm gonna test the CD soon,


Last Minute Shopping

I'm not refering to us, as general consumers, shopping for our CNY goodies.

I'm refering to marketers and purchasers in corporate.

It should be a good thing, after all, since there're businesses coming in.

The only problem is the dateline.

Place the order, wipe their asses, go back hometown, enjoy their holidays, and when come back to work, finished goods would be all ready to be delivered to their warehouses.

Sometimes I wish things will just happen with a push of a magic button. Boom! Things are done; duty accomplished.

Negotiation the delivery dateline with them is a big no no. "I have given you 2 weeks time, what more you can ask for?"

For a month with only 28 days and half of them are pretty much non prductive, I should be appreciative about it. The least it helps on our turnover figure.

Well, I am.

Friday, February 02, 2007 


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