Monday, November 17, 2008 

Clyde's Sukses

Congrats to Clyde for winning 1st prize in the figurine modelling competition! Momma is proud of you too!


p.s. I wana go HK too! :P



sometimes things happen that reminds u how many good things did happened in your life. Especially people who stand by your side and being supportive of what u do.

When this happens, i realised how limited my volcabulary is, in trying to express my gratitude. so all i could say is......

Thank you! Bonnie!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008 

The End Of An Era

I opened the folder titled ‘Resignation’. There were 6 letters in total with different dates. 6 times I wrote the same letter but officially handed in twice.

Last month marked my 3rd and last.

The saying “life starts at 30” is true for me as I feel my life unravelling here. I grew up and grew old together with the company. From stick-thin to chubby. From single to married. From young to middle-aged.

People tell me I should have waited for my bonus, I should have waited it out because recession starts next year, I should have waited for a new job first.

I should, I could, but I wouldn’t.

If Obama can be president, anything is possible.

Here’s to happy new beginnings!

Friday, November 07, 2008 


I like poetry, and read works from all over the world from time to time. Engage with this poetry site, and they send poem to me occasionally.

This's what i got:

What the Pig Mama Says
The pupoh stopped to cheer.
Leklek was took away. He was mine biggest boy.
A good heart.
Saved the best for Yenyen
and Hokhok.
His- self eating leftovers.
I cried I cried.
Not knew the bastang took him where.
Gokgou told me was hell.
We ate much as we liked.
The white fence put us safe safe.
Always we talked, cheered.
The pupoh liked to play with Hokhok.
Mine little boy talked to them sweet.
He knew how make make community.
But Hokhok too was took away by same same bastang they took Leklek before.
Mine only girl Yenyen too sad to see her little brother went.
She kept quiet everydays think think.
I begged the bastang not took mine boy. They not understood.
Heard only something like “pok is good ”.
The pupoh talked little little.
Yenyen stopped to eat.
She said, “No Hokhok play wis me !” I sorry sorry for her.
The bastang came to take Yenyen.
I saw her away.
I not cried.
Maybe it better for Yenyen.
She will stop to think.
No more think.
No more think think.
Maybe I say too much. Who is listening to my story?

This is a poem that won 3rd prize in the Edwin Morgan International Poetry Competition 2008.

As a Chinese which English isn't my main language, i find it's a little hard to appreciate it.

Maybe i really suck in poetry.

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