Monday, March 16, 2009 

Lucky Star

i just had a sense of empathy.

A young fella, in his mid twenties. From the tie n shirt n the pen n organizer, seemed like he's not earning a fortune. From the slightly untidy hair, and the grease mark on his handkerchief, he must had been traveling around town, in n out of the car, going from offices to offices. Oh, his office is in Jln Ampang; judging by his flexibility of setting appointment to meet me, probably he's not meeting many clients in Shah Alam area.

I didnt see a glimpse of tiredness when we met. He was explaining his company's product, in a manner that's a little robotic, but enough enthusiasm.

I was quite busy during the meeting for we were interrupted quite a few times when my employees were getting urgent reply from me. I didn't see him being impatience.

I didnt buy nor confirm anything for him. So he left, giving me his namecard n left a smile too.

Few minutes later, i walked out of my office, i saw him n his Proton Iswara, opposite of my factore, besides the road, talking to somebody in the phone. Seemed like he's trying to go for another appointment. The 1.5l Coca Cola bottle refilled with plain water, must be warm, after some sunbathing in the car.

I just remember myself, 10 years ago. Those r the years full of sweat n dust. I was a new salesman, and i was like dying for every opportunity to meet every potential customers. Eating in the car, drinking warm refilled water, wiping off the grease on my face before a meeting, long wait, taking nap in a car etc etc.

It's a time of being raw, wild, n bold.

I was so dying for every single client's approval, every single confirmed order, every single appointment successfully made. And i was hoping, every single day, i would meet a lucky star who would give me a sales that would fulfill my sales target.

I did dreamt of a lucky star, so i could at least, for some time, took some rest.

And i hope he will meet his lucky star today; it's not me unfortunately. But i wish him best of luck.

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