Saturday, September 23, 2006 


It's now 11.56am. Am now working in the office. After 3 days of medical leave, things are a little crazy over here.

Should be finishing my stuff by 2pm. What then? Should I lunch with some frens? Rushing my models (been delaying my orders)? Or just get a nice long afternoon nap?

These're things I love to do on a Saturday afternoon.

But all do not sound satisfying today. I do not know why.

Perhaps it is because of Bonnie. Sometimes one just need somebody else to share with in his life. No matter how insignificant is that thing he's going to do.

Bonnie's left for New York this morning, 830 am.

Damn! I am starting to miss her already.

Tuesday, September 19, 2006 

Lau Yiok

Which is better; finding out you've won 4 finalist cert and a bronze medal for an international event or your boss telling you the company's more than willing to sponsor your air ticket, accomodation and per diem to fly halfway across the freaking globe to collect it?

I am waiting for the other shoe to drop. Chances are, given the tight deadline, our visas won't be granted.




What a wild weekend.

It was raining cats and dogs.

Clyde was playing with his little toys at his workshop.

I watched a chick flick while eating sour mangoes stolen from our neighbour's tree. Nobody else was home.

Snug as a bug in a rug.

Friday, September 15, 2006 

Dog Feed

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Someone left this on my table annonymously. In fact, every one of my posse got it. The part where I blurred has my name printed on it.

Yup. I am dog feed. Someone obviously think so. :D

Thursday, September 14, 2006 

I'm Happy For 'em for They're Happy For Me

Saw my parents this morning when I was out for work. I realised these two persons who used to be giants to me have got so old. While leaving the house, suddenly I miss them.

I stay with my parents; with the support of Bonnie (Thanks babe). I see them, I talk to them, everyday; but now I feel I miss them. Is it because I didn't include them in my life? Is it because I didn't interact with'em enough? Sometimes when I had some really busy weeks which I got home after Bonnie slept, I would feel that I miss her so much. Though we stay in the same house but we'd never got a chance to even talk to each other. Is this the same feeling?

You may say what's up with writing a post whining about missing his parents?

Call me a mama boy. I couldn't be bother; I dont even understand the meaning of that word.

Imagine this: One day you were all broke, lost your ability to earn money, become physically disable that you cant even eat your own food, or in short, you lost your ability to survive. Then come this really kind-hearted couple, they provide you food, shelter and help to learn again how to survive and be independence.

Also imagine this: That couple not only provide you physical aid when you need it, they give you all sorts of mental support too. Whatever wrong you had done, they'd never left you, never feel disgrace, never betray, always open their arms when you are tired, and ready to forgive whenever you turn back to them.

Now, this couple has become old and they have lost their ability to be indepence. What would you do?

To some of the people I met; when I told them this hypothesis, answers were almost 100% similar: pay back the good grace. Take good care of the people who ised to help them. Some even said, even if the old couple wasnt sick or weak, he will take care of them.

However, when I change the hypothesis a little bit, from "the old couple" to "your old pa and ma"; answars vary.

Well, as for my parents, thay're still doing what they think is the best for all of us, me and my siblings. They have become more independence these days. Instead of sitting in the house and wait for their children to come home from work, which might cause some tension, thay choose to go out, make more friends and get some new hobbies. All in the good reason for us not to worry for them.

Me, I'm not sure about my sisters, I think I have been taking all this for granted.

I actually feel regret. I even feel like crying.

Maybe it's because of my work pressure these days; I'm quite emotional unstable. But at least I've learned something that I'd overseen for so long.

Call me a mama boy. I don't care. I'm proud to be the way I am. According to statistic, people who are good to their parents are high, in possibility, becoming persons who're good to their spouse too. I can totally understand that; it's for the same reason they well-treat the woman who's been supporting and loving them all these years. It's a circle, a circle of good energy.

I am happy for them for they are happy for me.

Thursday, September 07, 2006 

Ya Know What I'm Trying To Say?

Just submitted a few song's lyrics to a fren. Not too thrill about it as I've found being a bit rusty for stopping to write seriously for so long.

He emailed back. "What's up with those "X"s in your stuff?"

Oh yes, I've forgotten to tell you; those are all chinese lyrics.

"I didnt know how to write those words."

"Idiot. You're using a computer to type. For PinYin, all you need to know is how the word sounds like and you could've found the matching word!"

Er....... sorry dude. This's actually my problem. I can write the words in handwriting but I do not know how to read it.

Since secondary school, in chinese classes, I have been facing this problem. Sometimes when the teacher was very happy with an essay I wrote and she asked me to read the essay out loud to the whole class, I could never finish reading it. The more effort I put in writing it, the more difficult for me to read it.

The real truth is, I learn many words from reading and I use them in my writing but, me=lazy, I have never flipped the dictionary to find out how those words should be pronounced! Everytime I wrote a good piece of work, I would have been the laughing stock of the class. This's the worst during my form 4 and form 5 years where my teacher was enjoying that so much. I am the one who cant read what I wrote.

For all of those who do not know chinese, chinese is one weird language which words do not contain any vowel or consonant. You cant look at word and guess how it would sound like. If you do not know how the word is pronounced, you dont know how to read it .

"So? Am I supposed to guess what the missing words are and fill it up for you? If not how do you think the producer will react? Even though you're freelance, must be more professional. Piece like this with all these "X"s here and there might just been thrown into trash bin before even it'll be read........"

Suddenly he reminded me of my secondary school chinese teacher. I think I should really spend more time listening to 988 than Hitz.

Chinese speaking 101.

Friday, September 01, 2006 


Mom visit temples whenever she has a crisis, questions and health problems (or not). For her, the answer to the mysteries of the universe lies in the forms of idols, joss sticks and paper money. Anyway, mom brought sis and I together with a handful of other relatives to see this sifu in Ipoh when we were toddlers because we were constantly sick.

Sis went first while I waited. Being wise and all knowing, sifu looked at her face. Quietly, he wrote a prescription on a piece of brown paper with ink and brush. I was amazed by the grace of his hand movements and unmatched calligraphy. I forgot what was prescription was, but the medication came in the form of a foul-smelling, nasty-tasting, black-coloured bowl of soup which we had to drink 3 times a day. The only consolation was the piece of sweet plum we could eat after we gulped down the questionable matter.

And so it was my turn. Sifu looked at my face and outstretched palm. He looked again and beckoned to mom and said those magical words, “Your daughter was born with a stroke of genius.”

Everything went silent. My little eyes opened in awe and wonder while my little mind digested his prophecy.

And then all hell broke loose. Sis sneered. Mom laughed. A distant relative cracked a joke saying I have that one stroke of genius and 9 strokes of stupidity. I retorted one stroke is better than none at all. Mom told me to shut up.

I think they are just jealous.

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