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Saturday, September 23, 2006 


It's now 11.56am. Am now working in the office. After 3 days of medical leave, things are a little crazy over here.

Should be finishing my stuff by 2pm. What then? Should I lunch with some frens? Rushing my models (been delaying my orders)? Or just get a nice long afternoon nap?

These're things I love to do on a Saturday afternoon.

But all do not sound satisfying today. I do not know why.

Perhaps it is because of Bonnie. Sometimes one just need somebody else to share with in his life. No matter how insignificant is that thing he's going to do.

Bonnie's left for New York this morning, 830 am.

Damn! I am starting to miss her already.

Those are the things you when I am around what (napping, modelling, lunching).

Miss you too. :)

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