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Thursday, August 24, 2006 


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See this? It's a mineral bottle filled with water and Ribena.

When I was still at primary school, mom would make me lug a big tupperware of water to school everyday. And after school I would bring home the same big tupperware with the same quantity of content.

For one, I hated drinking water. Still do.

And half the time I was busy eyeing this rich Malay gal in class who keep bringing a big tupperware of Ribena to school everyday. Wow, I thought to myself. I wonder what's it like to drink Ribena in abundance everyday? That was something I could not comprehend. I asked mom, but was rewarded with a retort that I should be greatful I still have clean water to consume compared to the hungry kids in Africa.

Hmph. You'd think I was asking for a baby brother.

But now that I am an adult and am feeling a bit under the weather (whimper, whimper), I drink Ribena every night coz it helps wash away the bitter aftertaste of medication. To heck with the calories and sugar content...

Cheers, mom!


Note: This is an entry with no point, other than Bonnie is appreciating the perks of growing up.

Damn... that made me wanna go out and get a Laibeena right now..!


Laibeena, sometimes is called Libina! enjoy yourself!

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