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Friday, August 04, 2006 

Computer Game + Comics + Model = GEEK!

These are things I like. Unfortunate hobbies, to many people, at least in Malaysia.

Computer Games

I once got this comment, "You still play computer games? eee... so cute!"

I was puzzled for a while; couldn't understand what she really meant. I just got back from US after two and a half year there and for a while I couldn't understand why people reacted such a way to computer gaming. People I met over there, my fellow classmates, my professor, even my ex-employer (internship) do a certain amount of gaming. Those who dont are either the poor, the uneducated, or the old fashion minded.

The one who gave this comment was a twenty-something, degree holding young executive.


Hong Kong (Japan as well). From fishmonger to financial institution executives, each holding a stack of paper under their arms; ready to start reading when they got into the subway or after they have got a place to sit down and ordered their food.

The reading materials could be newspaper, magazine, novel, and even comics.

"I thought you are reading newspaper. Ha, actually is comics. You should be reading more informative stuff!"

This's my mother seeing me reading comics in kopitiam; at that time, I was thirty three.


I don't mean catwalk kind of modelling. I mean plastic model that you need to build and paint.

I didn't get any comment, verbally. But I got a supportive smile from Bonnie, which I might wrongly interpreted, that is somewhat similar to a mom's when she's looking at her 5-year-old kid holding his new toy.

I love painting. I did 2D stuff like wood pencil sketches, water color and such. Modelling is a new form of 3D platform to me. I've found so much fun in buidling and doing touch up on plastics, planning and organizing modification of a certain model, using various material for sculpture making, and cross-medium painting.

When I did airbrush work; to do a piece with a rusty iron just involve painting and washing with acrylic paint and later spray to further soften the brush strokes in order to create a photo-like painting.

However, there're so many methods of doing so in 3D modelling: each is possible and is all depends on your creativity.

You can either mix putty with solvent, apply on the surface, beat it lightly with a bruch (or even toothbrush) to create the same rough surface coz by rust underneath the paint on the iron. Then paint it with color. With this, not only it'll look like rust but it feels like one too when you touch it.

Or you could paint the whole thing with rust-like combination of colors, cover it up with the paint of the piece of iron; then use a knife to scratch off certain part of the top layer to reveal the underneath colors. This you can feel the roughness when toughing it but you'll get a more random peel off paint effect that's also very realistic.

I love the creativity and innovation in it, despite that funny look on the face of the cashier in Jusco toy department.

Geek, I guess this's what I'm labelled as.

It's not what you do, it's how you do it.

You bring your models to the most inappropriate places. LOL

I thought my model when stack together with your comics looks good as deco?


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