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Monday, July 10, 2006 

Luf Luf

Many say if a man suddenly treats a woman real nice, he must have done something wrong behind her.

It's not true. At least not for me.

When your partner is currently experiencing unreasonable long and irregular working hour (2am on monday morning. Anyone beats that?) while at the same time her time of the month, what can you, as a man, do?

Some flowers and a nice foot rub? How about that, Bonnie?

World Cup? No, no, it's not important to me at all........


P/s: Btw
Congratulations, Azzuri! Yeah! Italy! Italy! Italy! Italy! Italy

I was rooting for France, for the heck of it. Heh.

Good Choice. Good Choice.

HAHAHAAHAH! Italy! Italy!

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