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Friday, June 23, 2006 

Thank you. No, thank you.

Many have been talking about this survey done by Reader's Digest recently (http://www.rd.com/content/openContent.do?contentId=27599).

Many felt insulted because Malaysia's ranking is so low, second to the last position amongst Asia countries.

Many, too, agree and accept the result; at the same time listing out reasons why our nation's ranking is so low. Critisizing our own fellow Malaysians, while forgetting they're part of us. Many think Malaysians are not courteous, except themselves.


Well, I have done my share of holding the elevator door, expressing my gratitude etc. I, too, have my time of letting our the four-letter-word, avoiding eye contact with people.

So, am I courteous?

I do not know. Most probably I am in the rank-30-something kinda person.

What really interest me or keep me pondering is, what's the meaning of courtesy?

New York, a city with the rank of top 3 (I think is No.1) in this survey, is also one of United States highest crime rate city; a city probably where the word "fuck" repeated the most time in the world.

I used to be an intern in Chicago and my boss is a guy who always open doors for others, says "thank you" when being served in restaurant. Is he a courteous person? At least I know when he drives, people probably he'll be smiling at, if he was on foot, would suddenly all become bitches or cunts who deserve nothing else besides being fucked.

All the other bosses too. In our own meeting room, when they're on their nerves, lower level trash like myself would be insulted by words; from our personality, physical, and even some of my family members.

Again, what's courtesy?

Macmillan English Dictionary: Politeness, especially formal politeness in social.

So, I guess I was wrong. Since young, I have been seeing the word "polite" being paired with the word "kindness". I had been mixing both together. I thought politeness at least should at least means a little kindness. However, now it seems like probably I was wrong, and, very wrong.

Being kind will somehow makes one courteous. But being courteous can be solely on surface.

So, as myself, does when we don't say "thank you very much" when we don't mean it make us a bunch with no courtesy?Or should we, to the person who just, consciously or unconsciously, showed us that we are inferior to them, start treating them as they've just save our lives?

Well, for money probably I will. This's because with money it's easier to be courteous. Rational? Bad mood not easy to be courteous. When bad mood, hire somebody, use them to release tension, or even fire them. Mood turns good. Mood good, can smile to people, thank them for their service, and be a very courteous person.

I remember a fellow colleague in Chicago. He's also an intern from Michigan State University. Once our family members were being insulted by the cd (which I do not know whether the person should be my son or my mother; he called us "motherfuckers"), he said something like this, "....yes, we shouldn't say sorry. Thank you for letting us learn an important lesson....". I was pretty amazed. After the cd left the room, while I was starring at him, he looked back, "That fuckhead! I'm gonna ram his wife's ass for ya and I, alright?" I don't know why he said this and how he do it, or even whether he did it or not (After I left, there're really some gossips).

So courtesy?

Thank you. No, thank YOU.

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