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Friday, June 09, 2006 

11 Days

There’s always one thing I have that conflicts with my parents: The fascination for Japan. This’s pretty reasonable for those who have experience the WWII.

As for me, a Chinese-ed who grew up during the 80’s TVB Solid Gold era, I am almost can be called a fetishist of Japan culture.

Hence, this 12-day-Osaka n Tokyo-trip.

It’s also fortunate that Bonnie likes Japanese style stuff too, though she is purely English educated. Actually I am still amaze that she is actually quite “cina” in this area (Somebody’s idol, besides NKOTB, is Alan Tam. Oops, am I exposing too much about our age?)

So after taking this almost sinful 12-day-leave, and RM18,000 emptier in my bank account, what do we obtain from Japan? Internal injury and pain on our feet; and tons of good memories.

It’s only the second day, we were already suffering tremendous foot pain due to endless shopping and walking. I remember while we were applying Yoko-Yoko in our hotel room, I told Bonnie, “This is not Hong Kong; we still have 11 days more to go.” She just smile. I know she’s looking forward to all those pain, sweat, walking, exploring, and shopping. Suddenly I realized God have been treating us so well.

So the following days routine was like that: Shopping and walking, from morning till at least 8pm; then moaning and applying Yoko Yoko in hotel room at night, while reading Lonely Planet to plan for the next day’s itinerary.

All these happened, and repeated itself.

For 11 days.

12 days of shopping isn't enough! I was there for 4 months and couldn't get enough of it.
I hope you did take a trip down to hakone. The place is quite beautiful.

Hakone doko?

Yuin: Unfortunately we didn't. Tokyo has taken up all our time. 4 months? You lucky bugger.

Bonnie: Chill, baby. We sure will have chance to visit. Just might not be so soon......

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