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Monday, May 15, 2006 

Favourite Pastime

Bonnie and Clyde did it again.

We binged till our tummies were big, round and hard like a football, till we could hardly see our toes. I took some pictures with my palm pilot but there is something wrong with the files. Oh, well.

Tell me if this sounds insane: Wantan mee (Bonnie's), whole roast duck drumstick (Bonnie's), fried wantan (Clyde's), fried rice (Clyde's), fried instestines (shared), kung pow frog legs (Bonnie's), Thai chicken feet (Bonnie's), sago with coconut milk (Clyde's) and 100g Famous Amous cookies (shared) was on our agenda.

And mind you, all that was for dinner alone.

Heck, looks like Bonnie is picking up momentum!


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