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Saturday, April 08, 2006 

Last Time Never Study

I read Chinese; I write, speak and even think in Chinese.

This shouldn't be a problem. I am a Chinese.

But, still, there's a problem. I am living in a world which 80% of the others do not understand Chinese.

I can write a letter, a thesis paper, or even a business proposal; but i can't write entertaining and casual reading material, just like bonnie does.

I write in Chinese; poetry, storiy, even lyrics, but just have problem putting them in English character.

I wrote the brokeback mountain in chinese, which I think is a pretty good piece of work, but when I translate it in English, it's become a tasteless chewing gum. Something I rather not share, and even if I did, nobody shud be interested in.

Over years of formal education, I learn to read, write and speak in English. However, due to lack of interest, I seldom read English book.

My volcab abd style of writing is so limited to my work.

I am so impress with the way Bonnie writes. Admire is the word. And when compare them to my own writing...... for example what u r reading now.

Can anything be more dry than this?

Last time never study, now cannot Lan Si lor.......

Are you implying something?! :P

Yeah. Next time when we were in an argument or debate, DO NOT use "big" words that I don't understant.

Your writing is so good la..... so envy.

But you should not fear the unfamiliar, my fastidious fiend...

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