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Tuesday, March 14, 2006 


Bobo's made it to Heaven.

Lucky bitch.

My first encounter with Bobo was when she spent the night at our place, uninvited. She slipped off quietly the next morning, not knowing I was hot on her heels. I padded along silently like a thief. She stopped at a terrace house down the road and waited at the gate. After 10 minutes, I was getting impatient. I pressed the doorbell and was greeted by a 40-something housewife. The whole conversation went something like this:

"Auntie?" I said.

"Auntie, is this your dog? She spent the night at my place, in case you were worried. Sorry I couldn't tell you earlier coz I didn't know who is her owner."

"Oh, yes ar? You can have her if you want. We got no time to look after her."

Although I wasn't impressed with how her mind works, I was glad to have Bobo coz she proved to be a pleasant addition to our family of 3 adults, 1 dog, 2 cats, 4 kittens, 1 turtle and 6 carps.

She was a docile canine which yelped rather than barked and got along well with Whiskey, our terrier-mixed mutt, the cats and their kittens, which Whiskey hated with a passion.

The years whizzed past. I got hitched and only got to see the dogs when I visited my mom on weekends.

Sunday, 26th February 2006 was a traumatic day as mom dully informed me that Bobo passed away 5 days ago. She was still decomposing in the garden as mom was not strong enough to dig for a grave. Clyde and I bought some soil and promptly covered Bobo's carcass.

Bobo must have known her time has come, for she crawled off to a corner to die.


..just as we've found her.

Bobo, rest in peace. I will see you again.

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