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Tuesday, January 17, 2006 

Singapore Party Girl

It rained everyday, twice a day.

The foreign currency exchange was 1:2.3.

Massive jam every hour.

Hoards of crowd in every corner.

I don’t speak Mandrin, the mother language.

Yet I love Singapore.

It kinda reminds me of Hong Kong.

How, you ask.

Spare parts.

Every hawker stall and food court I been to is not Halal. Pork and spare parts are served in abundance. Our most brilliant find is at Ngow Cheh Sui (Chinatown). The mixed pig spare part soup was lovely although congealed blood was sold out, much to my dismay. The fried pig intestines at Bugis Street foodcourt was not too bad, but I was disappointed that the peanut tong sui was sold out.

It was brilliant, just brilliant.

We spent our last night with a bit of S&M at a massage place next to Orchard Hotel. Clyde opted for a wussy foot reflexology wheras me being the ballsy tough cookie, went for a semi full course; foot AND back massage.

Big, bad, bummer mistake.

My masseur, Mr. Chong is a sifu veteran. No Thai / Indon / Sabahan chick for wa. Wa ai kuat-kuat eh. So when Mr. Chong applied his cow strength on the pressure points on the balls of my feet, I gritted my teeth kept mum like I have something to prove. I mean, I can take the pain on my foot, but it’s the knife-cutting, belly-aching, ticklish-numbing kinda pain on my back and buttocks that got me yelling blue murder. Clyde was helpful enough to barge into the room with a digi cam at hand. Men. Bah.

Strangely, I felt lighter and relaxed after the 1-hour session.

That sums up our 3D / 2N SG trip aka 2nd Wedding Anniversary celebration. And oh, we bought some stuff too like perfume, silver accessories, ume shu (Japanese plum wine) that cost a bomb in KL and souvenir items.

For the first time shopping came second place, and that must be good. :)

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