Wednesday, July 16, 2008 

As Long As They Spell Your Name Right

I am known to have a reputation for being fussy, stubborn and extremely difficult to work with. Words from fellow colleagues and ‘industry friends’ alike. Heh. But then again, who became great by being a cincai and easy-going pushover?

Neil French certainly doesn’t come to mind.

I have simple work etiquette. Work comes first and I am not here to be nice. I fight strictly for professional reasons and not because I am a pompous git. There may be times I was wrong but I always did the best I know how. My motto always have been; work first and witch hunt later. I wanna surpass expectations rather than just clock in the hours. I have no qualms about working with freshies as they are usually willing to watch and learn. It’s the ones soaked knee-high who possess real shitty attitudes. I also have an immense dislike for damsels in distress as they whine and act like helpless-oh-you-poor-dear pussies coz they know they can always hide under someone’s ketiak.

What can I say? Guys are real suckers for women who weep.

Bottom line; if you’re not gonna help, then get out of my way. Otherwise, God help you. No sniping for me coz I do it Rambo-style.

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