Thursday, January 31, 2008 

CNY (Cina Nak Yahoo)

For once, I can’t wait for CNY coz I gotta clear 2 weeks’ leave and I’m looking forward to a lot of sleeping, eating and bumming around.

It’s nice to do nothing for a change. :)

Thursday, January 17, 2008 


Just feel like being very lucky these days. Yeah i got gifts from Bonnie, one for anniversary and another few after she got back from overseas.

I really like this one: The backpack!

I use to have one myself but it's way too damaged to be used now. The new one comes in just in time!

These are the bunch of things she got me from Bangkok: 3 t-shirts, a note pad pack in a can, a piggy handphone with my d.o.b., a wire made book mark, 2 bottles of anti hair drop shampoo, and 4 lovely, just lovely keychains.

These are the weird keychain doll i really love!

Thanks Bonnie. You've made me a very happy man!


I've Been Bkk-ed!

Sometimes life turns out funny.

There was this kecik meow job that nobody wanted to work on, not even the most junior creative. It’s menial, insignificant with tiresome amendments everyday. It was just a 10 seconder promo that I had to work on coz the account falls under my team. Due to time and budget constraints, it was butchered beyond imagination and everyone declined ownership.

Surprisingly, I got to go Bangkok last weekend to do the kine transfer.


This was my first time travelling alone and I think I did very well. :)

Client was on a different flight and hotel so I didn’t have to entertain and had time to do some serious damage to my purse in Chatuchak, Robinson and MBK. I didn’t buy enough Baht as I ended up with too much leftovers the last time I was there. Managed to get around via MRT and BTS lines. Somehow shopping in Bangkok isn’t the same anymore. I guess the Thai economy and tourism went up a notch coz I noticed vendors aren’t as willing to bargain their prices and service actually sucks a little. Even the Wacoal salesgirls in Robinson sneered at me and cracked jokes among themselves as I was picking out my goods. I may not understand Thai but trust me,I can tell a rude remark from a friendly one.

Anyhoo, I was the one walking away with bountiful bras and plentiful panties so, up yours. :D

I still like Thailand for it’s colourful culture and tantalising foods and I think it’s a haven for shopaholics and pleasure seekers. I will definitely be back with friends and family in tow but I don’t think I can last more than 1 month there, work wise.

Friday, January 11, 2008 

Still Banana What

Today is the 2nd time I hear different sets of parents talking about the way their kid speaks Mandrin/Cantonese.

With foreign accent.

Not provincial Chinese accent the way it should be, mind you, but Americano or Bri’ish, even Aussie. And the parents are mighty proud of it because it shows their kid have been mixing with fine, educated foreigners.

Go figure.



I was watching E! Entertainment Channel’s Glamour's 50 Biggest Fashion Do’s and Dont’s yesterday night. Some witty (and bitchy LOL) comments got me ROTFLMFAO. I will word it as best as I remember...

On puffy shirts:
“As if there’s nothing more of a turn-on than making out with a guy wearing a blouse.”

On muscle tees:
“There’s nothing worse than wearing a muscle tee with no muscles.”

On Tie-dye prints:
“I know how to make tie-dye; just let my husband do the laundry.”

On overalls:
“You should only wear overalls when you are in your own apartment. Alone. With the lights out.”

On Bling-bling:
“When my grandma is using the word ‘bling’ to me, it has lost all its meaning.”

Thursday, January 03, 2008 


Sometimes I really pity Bonnie. I think I couldnt never feel it but I could understand it.

It's about a little habit of mine; little but loud. The truth is: I snore; and darn loud one. It's like hearing a steam engine train, steadily traveling on its rail track. Stable and consistant; thru out the night.

I'd tried various methods, sleeping sideway, putting anti-snore tape, spray into the throat, and direct spray into the nose. The best is the last method. It has a 60% success rate. However, consistent use cause my nose to dry up pretty badly. Hence I stop.

Maybe for the new year, i ll re-use it again. Hopefully will give Bonnie a good night of sleep. Many good nights of sleep.

Happily ever after. I hope.

So it's time; to say bye bye to the midnight train.



Great. Second working day in 2008 and I already severed a friendship. All in the name of settling a debt. Is it just me or can people can smell a ‘waterfish’ a mile away? Is my forehead stencilled with the word ‘SUCKER’? How can anyone do this to a friend who lent them a helping hand in times of need? Does the term ‘loan’ mean anything to you? Hell, it sure doesn’t mean ‘gift’. Dey, must pay back lah. How can you leave a loan hanging when you can afford other luxurious things like a laptop, new hand phone, car, holiday in Oz, etc? No calls, no emails, no apologies, no explaination, nothing. Doesn’t make sense lah.

I guess I spoke too soon.

Oh, well. 2008 is all about me, rite? So, whatever it takes lah.

Wednesday, January 02, 2008 

I Am Legend


This is one kick ass movie.

Those who have not watch this movie, please book your tickets now and refrain from reading any further.

Set sometime in the future, the city of NYC (and probably the rest of the world) is deserted except for some animals that run wild in Times Square. The first 30 minutes will have you wondering why it is so and what happened/is happening.

Such intense directing by Francis Lawrence and as usual, flawless acting skills from Will Smith. The build-up was superb and I feeeeeel the loneliness, desperation and fear although I was not sure what caused it. Many times my heart went thump-a-thump-thump at the powers of the unknown.

Gee, it's been a long time since I gush over a movie. *hot flush*

A must watch.



To put an end to all the bollywood belly and huge backside remarks business, I kick started 2008 with a diet regime. In fact,it’s the same diet programme that did it for me 2 years ago. As expected, the first day is difficult and my tummy is making strange sounds reacting to all the veggie and fruits so I’m feeling all bloated and burpy. No protein shakes but hard core healthy food only. Ug. It didn’t help my MD is giving out airport chocolates today. I have to donate my share away.


I sure hope MIL is cooking an early dinner tonight.

And I hope regular food can dilute my stomach acids or Clyde can brace himself for expected thunderstorms tonight. Heheh.

On other news, I have started ‘asserting’ resolution no. 1 & 2 (refer to earlier entry). Or else I will have no qualms about executing no. 4. No. 3 already look promising.

2008 is looking good. :)

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