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Friday, January 11, 2008 


I was watching E! Entertainment Channel’s Glamour's 50 Biggest Fashion Do’s and Dont’s yesterday night. Some witty (and bitchy LOL) comments got me ROTFLMFAO. I will word it as best as I remember...

On puffy shirts:
“As if there’s nothing more of a turn-on than making out with a guy wearing a blouse.”

On muscle tees:
“There’s nothing worse than wearing a muscle tee with no muscles.”

On Tie-dye prints:
“I know how to make tie-dye; just let my husband do the laundry.”

On overalls:
“You should only wear overalls when you are in your own apartment. Alone. With the lights out.”

On Bling-bling:
“When my grandma is using the word ‘bling’ to me, it has lost all its meaning.”

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