Tuesday, February 17, 2009 

secret song

i have this little song which i always sing to myself.

It's not a commercial song, nor does it has any lyrics.

I can't sing it anytime i want, for I've never learned to sing it, and i do not know how it goes.

During the times when i m quiet down, the song will just slipped out from my lips; it's like a natural melody i carry with me.

Mebbe it's the sound of my soul. I need a certain quietness in order to hear my soul.

This is my secret little song.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009 


If Life has a voice.

If Life has a voice, then I would like to ask Her why do I only see clearly now? Is it because I was too busy enjoying my moments when all was fine and dandy?

The company I used to meet and talk to everyday, whom I cherished and took so much pains to maintain relationships with, are not the same entity I can look to when things aren't looking up. Well, not all of them anyway. Sometimes a simple gesture is all it takes. Why is that so hard?

On the other hand, the shadows of my past, ties I only renew once in a blue moon, these are the ones who drop everything and run to my aid, give me support, encouragement and hope. My well-being is on their mind at all times.

Like I told someone in a similar situation recently why it is a good thing to be down, "So I can look up, squint at the sun a little and see who's really holding me up."

If Life has a voice, She would have a funny sense of humour.

If Life has a voice, She would tell me it's not too late to prune my branches, reseed and prepare myself for the next spring.

Praise God for Life.


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