Thursday, April 19, 2007 


Some time ago I was chatting with this group of friend of mine, which happen to consist quite some "weird" people. We went all sorts of topics; from political and social issues, to philosophy stuff. Finally, we talked about sex.

Amongst them there're a few who have totally abnormal sexual preference, eg voyuerism, transvetite etc. I shared my experience and feelings about silk and satin. All broke into laughter. Maybe it's not usual to them, but I was crowned the "satin fetishist". I really don't know whether I am one or not, but being grouped together with "peeping tom" or "batang lover" makes me feel uneasy.

Am I, as they say, consider one of the unsual sexual preference people?

Lets rationalise the whole thing.

Since young I have this special love on this kinda fabric. Something smooth and shiny. Need not to be shiny, but smooth is the point.

Silk and satin, they are. Or even velvet if you stroke it in the right direction.

Of course this unusual good feeling is sometimes sexual. Whenever Bonnie's in satin, I got excited pretty easily. However, it's not entirely sexual.

I remember when I was in high school, sometimes a whole gang of us will visit one of the gang member house while we all chucked into his tiny bedroom, mostly watching videos (Dont ask me what type) or smoking or drinking or just took a nap.

This fella has this bed sheet made of satin. We used to laugh at it as it looked like some props for Playboy video. However, deep inside, I like his bed very much. Everytime I went there, I would be the first one to jump on his bed, most rpobably would fall asleep.

It's nothing sexual, I was just enjoying the smoothness of the fabric touching my face, my hand, and any part of my skin. I could just relax so fast and fell asleep before I knew it.

Is this fetish? According to the dictionary, it's, first related to sexual feelings and activities; second, unusual and unreasonable.

- Sexual feeling:
Well, I cant deny during sexual moment there're extra points given is these kind of fabric exist (So yes, I am a fetishist)
But if there wasnt a sexual moment, the fabric, though might help, but will not create such sexual urge. (So not, I am not a fetishist)

- Unusual:
I don't think any of my action or reaction towards these fabrics is unusual. I love to touch them but I dont do any other things to them; like putting into my mouth or something. (No, I'm not that crazy!)

- Unreasnable:
Is being smooth and nice to touch a reason? It might be. But there're thousands of other things that are also smooth but I dont have that same love like I do with the fabric. Just silk and satin only, it's unreasonable. (Sigh, yes, I am a fetishist)

Is there something call a weekend fetish? If there was, probably I'll fall into that category.

But I dont want to be in the same category as peeping tom and batang holder.

Help me Bonnie.


Pain In The Butt

There’s these 2 spots on my buttocks that hurt when Clyde poke them gently. Don’t ask me why he was poking my ass in the first place. Hehe. It’s on the cheeks, somewhere between my back thigh and butt crack. And the position is identical on both right and left cheeks.

So how can this happen? And why? It could be the way I sit. Or my bum is so meatless I am sitting on bones. Or when I lifted heavy objects and strained something in my pelvic area years ago.

I’ve been rubbing oil (and spilling most of it) and sticking Salon Pas on them the past 2 nights. I really dun wanna visit the sadistic tukang andam again. He is sick, man. He find joy in other people’s pain. So what do I do?

I googled ‘pain in the butt cheek’ and guess what I found? I could be having Sacroiliac Joint Syndrome - inflammation of the sciatic nerve. The sacroiliac joint is a firm, small joint that lies at the junction of the spine and the pelvis. Most often when we think of joints, we think of knees, hips, and shoulders--joints that are made to undergo motion. The sacroiliac joint does not move much, but it is critical to transferring the load of your upper body to your lower body.

So. First I need to get an Xray done to determine the diagnosis. Maybe medication and physical therapy if need be. Since I don’t have that kinda sharp pain anymore, just the time when I injured myself, I suppose I’m on my way to recovery coz now it only hurt when Clyde poke me. :)

Tomorrow la.

Tuesday, April 17, 2007 


Whenever I plan for a trip abroad or local, work or leisure, I usually get very excited. I would pack and buy mini bottles of shampoo and body wash like 2 weeks’ ahead of schedule. I would go through my list of essentials and must-brings so I won’t forget anything. I would download maps and google places of interests in anticipation.

This time around, I did some googling and borrowed a map from Chris, but I feel kinda... laid back. I haven’t even studied the map properly. It’s 3 days to my flight and I haven’t packed. I haven’t bought my rupiahs. I haven’t charged my camera battery.

Now, that’s a first.

Maybe I wish I’m going with Clyde. He’s a real trooper when it comes to food and adventures! I miss him already.

It’s autumn now in Bonnieland.

Monday, April 16, 2007 

Quiet Time

1032 pm.

After a whole day of non-stop phone calling, problem solving, rush driving, and decision making, it's finally quiet now.

Alone in the office, while client and her husband have just gone out for dinner for an hour before coming back in for another session of online proofing, suddenly there's glimpse of freshness here.

I'm suppose to get to paperwork but, instead, I'm here doing nothing.

I just feel relax, readily knowing that there will be another round of havoc when my client comes back. However, I just couldnt be bothered.

I go online, check out our little blog, read and smile on what Bonnie's written; damn, that woman sure can write.

Right now, I just cant stop thinking of going home. Bonnie will be away for her company's trip soon and I'm here having late nights in the office. I should be home cuddling my luuvy now.

I am starting to miss her now.

Quiet time. 1045pm.


Makan Time Again!

Discovered 2 new makan places last weekend! :P

Khuntai Restaurant
As the name suggests, it’s a Thai restaurant tucked away out of view at Jalan Gasing. They serve simple, authentic Thai cuisine without the frills.

You won’t find expensive decor with water features on the wall. There is no koi pond or siamese-themed uniformed waitresses. I did not see statutes of wood-carved elephants at the entrance or heavy silver cutlery on the table. Aside from the few framed paper-cutting hung on the wall, everything else is your typical run-of-the-mill kopitiam. Even the air con doesn’t work.

So what brings the crowd?

Like I said, simple, authentic Thai cuisine. My couple friend and I ordered a Kerabu Chicken Feet, Seafood Tomyam (which came in a dented mini-steamboat container), Kangkong Belacan, Nameless Chicken (something like inchi kabin but crispier), Fried Calamari and a put-ingridients-in-a-leaf-wrap appetiser (I forgot the name). The Tomyam was especially good and all the dishes were fresh and tasty although I felt the calamari had too much batter.

Me being the pig at work, I forgot to take any pics coz I was busy stuffing my face. The bill came up to be RM60++. It would be better if there were 4 of us instead of 3 but Clyde was busy at work. *hint, hint*

Khunthai Restaurant is situated at 6, Jalan 5/44, Petaling Garden, Off Jalan Gasing, PJ. (T) 03-7781 7523.

La Cocina
We usually patronise Ah Koong Eating House @ Subang Jaya with mom and 3rd auntie, and I always noticed this quaint little Spanish restaurant opposite.

Yesterday, we decided to check it out sans the family. You know old folks and new places lah.

Not really hungry, we ordered 4 types of tapas. Theory: if the little dishes suck, then don’t bother with the ala carte.

We had:

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Lamb Meatballs (the ori pungent smell and taste of mutton was retained in gorgeous tomato-based sauce)

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Gambas Pil Pil (shrimps sautéed in heavy garlic sauce)

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Soft Shell Crab (deep fried served with garlic dip)

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Queso Machego (thin slices of goat’s milk cheese served with crackers and olives)

The meal came up to RM56.35. In Clyde’s words, it was fa-bu-lous.

La Cocina is located at 38, USJ 9/5 P, Subang Jaya, UEP Subang Jaya or call (T) 03-8023 2395 for reservations.

Friday, April 13, 2007 


Pronounced "owta-man." That's a term I haven't heard in decades, since the days of Ultraman on RTM2.

I was asked to do something unusual today. It’s soooo waaaaay out it’s in another continent.

I was eager to do so at first, but after a short while I felt I have no business being there.

To start off with, it’s not my job. Not that I’m being calculative or lazy, but really, it’s not.

Secondly, I’m not qualified. Even senior personnel didn’t wanna do it. I could be jeopardising people’s career with my ignorance.

In the end, I have lost my belief in all things sacred and holy. The things I worked so hard and fought numerous Spartan battles for. Today made a mockery out of the things I cherished and respected. Everything came crumbling down like a cookie with too much water in the batter.



Model Material

A long, long time ago, a time when I was super slim with minimum freckles and no wrinkles, I was approached at Lot 10, KL to be a model.

Who? Me? Gosh. Being in advertising, I didn’t think I have the goods to be a model, but I could sure use some tips on grooming and posture. So okay, I went along and attended this ‘training’ held at a hotel.

There were some 30 girls assembled, all svelte and heavily made up, aspiring to be the next Cindy. And it’s not just any desperate girls, some even with royalty background. I remembered one came with a body guard. No kidding man, he had biceps like boulders! He just stood there in his black suit, arms crossed and observed his ‘mistress.’

So. We were taught to walk, stand and twirl. Pose, pause and smile for the camera before continue strutting. We even had a then-popular model as a spokesperson whom for the life of me I can’t recall now. A girl in her 20’s of Malay-Indian heritage, I think.

Anyway. On day 2, we were taught how to tweeze our eyebrows and use makeup. Everyone (except me) whipped out their compacts from expensive handbags and was scorned at the brand we were using. I didn’t have anything to use coz I was young (didn’t use makeup) AND poor (I only had eyeliner). We were tut-tutted to shame and then... WHAM! The direct sales tactic began la dey.

”If you wanna look good on camera, only this brand will do the trick. The matte look is very in and real easy to use! It can cover all your flaws (not all) and enhance your best features! Direct imported from USA, it’s very affordable (compared to a car) and it’s exclusive so you can only BUY FROM US! Only we know what works for you so you might as well BUY FROM US! We are even better than OTC brands like YSL (yeah rite) with makeup brushes and sponges for you! And FYI, we do not mark up the prices (my ass) SO BUY FROM US!”

Not knowing any better, I bought the cheapest set with all the basic safe tones. My level of makeup application went up a notch but I never went back for the training after that. A lady called me and said she could sue me for cheating them of their industrial secrets and breach of contract. I did sign some papers, but I also spent a bomb on their products. She said if I don’t want to be sued, I must recommend some friends to join their training because they are short of models. I told her I’m doing no such thing but please feel free to sue me.

She never did.

Few months later, I was approached again in the same area. And again. And again. Last year, I was approached by a boy barely out of his teens. They must really be desperate to push their products if they think a middle aged woman will fall for this scam!

I’m not sure about today, but the cosmetic brand back then was called Beverly Hills USA. The products were not bad, actually, but the push-pull tactic... WTF WERE YOU THINKING?!!



I had sore throat, flu, fever and cough since last Friday and today, a week later, I am still having the sniffles. My voice is still muffled and nose still occasionally blocked. Light fever comes and goes as it please like a moody teenager. I’ve never been sick so long since my Steven Johnson Syndrome episode 3 years ago.

I think I’m allergic to the office. Heh.



I hate birds.

Birds hate me too.

I hate the black & yellow birdie who used to sing (and still does) outside my bedroom window at my mom’s house every morning at 8am. It’s all right on a weekday coz I gotta wake up for work anyway, but not on a Saturday! it’s my only sleep-in day! And the melody is not the sweet twitter like the little sparrows but it’s a loud “huooot....huooot....HUOOOUUUUUTTTTTT!”

I was seriously considering buying a lastik.

A family of pigeon built their nest outside my room window and they went ”coo...coo...coooooo...” every night.

And what else? They poo everywhere on everything.

Today, as I walked from our designated parking lot to the office, I felt a slight tap on my head. Some stupid bird dropping landed on my right shoulder, smearing my hair as well.


Thursday, April 12, 2007 


Rat. Mice. Shrew.

Know the behavioural patterns of rodents? Wanna wipe them out?

Easy peasy.

What you can do is just place a poisoned bait anywhere. The rat will bring it back to its’ nest for the babies. Silly cun.

They share. They eat. They die.

If the bait is not intended for the rat, then just don’t leave it out in the open.



Ngow Yat

I started this auspicious day with a celebration of sorts. My phone did not stop ringing the moment I switched it on! Suddenly I feel so popular! :D

I picked Annie up and off we went to Mid Valley for a scrumptious brunch at Little Penang.

Next, we went to the money changer so she could convert her pound sterling.

Then we started our shopping spree. Annie bought a hairdryer, some stationery for her nieces, undies, hair & skin care products. I was moping around coz I couldn’t find the Ipanema sandals I was lusting after for the longest time. I bought something from MNG though, a simple white shirt that does nothing to advertise the brand. Perfecto.

At 3pm, we went to Aroma Garden for a 2 hour massage while Annie opted for a 2 1/2 hour spa treatment. I dunno if this is a cause for concern, but my masseur actually said to me,”Eh... you so skinny oso got tummy hor? See? You lie down still can see wor!”

I got half a mind to cancel my birthday dinner with Clyde. :’(

We left Mids around 530pm and on the way home, I rushed into BSC, the place I was told my beloved sandals “no stock”. I was hoping by some miracle and sheer luck, they have it in another colour. Annie waited in the car as I ran down to check. And they did! Talk about the God of Small Things!

I dropped Annie off and went home to Clyde, who drove me to our much anticipated Japanese buffet dinner. And folks, you must try Jogoya @ Star Hill. They’ve got the best buffet spread ever! All fresh, tasty and instantly replenished (good thing I didn’t cancel!). Even at RM100 per pax, it’s still worth it. Love the authentic Jap desserts. Yum. I could have eaten more, but I guess the last piece of mochi did it for me.

We stuffed ourselves to the brim and I was burping all the way home. Even after shower. Thanks for another great dinner, Clyde!

But nobody mention the word “sushi” to me in the next 10 days, please.


Wednesday, April 11, 2007 

Bonnie Turns 26 & Several Months Old

I doubt Bonnie will be able o read this post today as she gets a day off on her birthday (lucky girl).

We celebrated my birthday yesterday; over-fed ourselves as usual, trying to find that one sandal she has her eyes on, watch some favorite sitcom (Everybody loves Raymond, how sweet).

Today's her turn. We have arranged another over-the-top feast session, some japanese buffet in Starhill. Will certainly be another happy-eating-regret-afterthat thing.

Our favorite celebration methods usually are about eating. Mebbe it's me only.

Also, there's the usual me being clumpsy. I sent flowers to her office today, forgetting she wont be in. I hope. duhhh................

Bonnie, just hope every single days of yours will filled with happiness and peace, and will be better than the day before.

May you start looking like my daughter twenty years later. Ha ha.

Happy birthday!

Tuesday, April 10, 2007 

Clyde Turns 35!

Clyde was born on this day 35 years ago.

Happy birthday darling!

May every year brings you a step closer to your dreams and wishes! Blessings of peace, love and joy to you today and every day!

Oh, that reminds me... it’s not that I forgot, but I will be buying your pressie from Bali, ya. Tawun nie kasi spesial sikit. ;P

Monday, April 09, 2007 


There is nothing more relaxing than leaving the office at 6pm, drive home, have dinner, shower, plonk myself in front of the idiot box and binge on another season of Everybody Loves Raymond with a bag of chips in hand (aside from shopping, that is. hehe).

Marital problems have never been funnier. This is already my 3rd time watching ELR and I’m almost through 1st, 3rd, 5th and 6th season. I gotta look for the missing season 2 and 4... pronto, pronto!

What amazes me is how everything revolves around food, family and witty comebacks! I always look forward to the end of every episode, after the credits roll, when the production company end frame “Where’s Lunch?” comes on. I love the display of the food spread! :P

I know this sounds blonde, but gosh, it just occurred to me last week that I wish I was Italian!


Sleeping Beauty

What a rough weekend!

To start off, I felt sickly on Friday so I took a half day off.

Went home, rested and saw a doctor. Oh, it’s the usual fever, flu, phlegmy sore throat and blocked nose. You should have seen the stuff coming out of my nose and throat. Ickity ick ick.

I spent the whole of Saturday at home, in my room, to be precise. No shopping or hanging out with my usual weekend posse. Tried to nap in the afternoon but the slightest noised sounded like a 5.1 surround sound system to me i.e. MIL singing karaoke downstairs, FIL singing karaoke in the next room, maid scrubbing the porch, the opening and closing of the front door, etc. A few feet away, Clyde was snoring like a 10-wheeler truck on a freeway.


Couldn’t sleep at all that night and on Sunday morning, I woke up at 515am for Easter sunrise service. Tried to wake Clyde up but he wouldn’t budge. So I left and picked Annie up. Reached the church at 620am. Good thing it was a short service coz I couldn’t hold my yawns any longer!

When I reached home around 9am, Clyde was like a mighty boulder; exactly where I left him; unmoved and undisturbed. This is so unnatural.

How can anyone...? :P

Anyways, on Sunday nite, I hit the sack at 1130pm and slept like the dead. I don’t even remember turning over or hearing anyone come home.

My turn. Finally.

Friday, April 06, 2007 


She’s back! Annie’s back! The sor poh is back! :D

We had a yum cha session yesterday nite with 2 of her classmates. I was from a different class so I didn’t talk much. It’s scary how nothing changed. Conversation topics didn’t vary much from 17 years ago. They still chatted about girly stuff like armpit hair, guys and shopping. Feels... too familiar.

But still, I’m glad she’s back. For good, I hope.:D

Tuesday, April 03, 2007 


Yesterday night, a series of assorted events happened.

MIL was ill, so Bonnie took over the kitchen. She:

1. ...cut the waxed duck and sausages. Fyi, you need to separate the extra skin and fats from the meat first before cutting okay. (wahh...)

2. ...cooked the vegetables. (wah wahh...)

3. ...cooked German Crispy Pork Knuckles. (all together now... UWAH UWAH UWAHHH..)

*smug grin*

Monday, April 02, 2007 

The Tofu Man

How do you make Tofu?


Got a soar throat on Saturday.

Thinking it might not be a problem.

Continue to sleep late.

Lots of deep fried "yau char kui" for lunch and Balinese spicy stuff for dinner.

Sleep late too.

Running Nose, tearing eyes...... Bonnie please dont laugh at me; gimme love and caring instead.



Date: Friday night
Venue: Home

I can’t believe I’m actually doing this.

Inbetween reading my favourite weekly tabloid and watching TV, I actually dropped everything I am doing to start up my Mac. Cannot tahan oredi. My fingers are itching for some QWERTY.

Animal Planet is showing an episode on Moon bears, and it disgusts me to no end how humans can torture animals for their own advantage. Moon bears are being kept alive in small cages to prevent any movement or activity while being milked alive for their bile. Chinese medication konon. Bah.

Let’s look at this way. Us Chinese have a strong belief that everything is written in Heavens, ya? So matters of life and death is fated, ya? So what if you THINK you are suffering from some indeficiency? Since you already have one leg in the coffin, maybe it is time for you to croak. Who gave you the right to defy God’s will and prolong your pathetic life by sacrificing animals?

The Spaniards actually have a festival where bulls are starved, teased and speared alive by matadors. Sometimes the whole village joins in. And it’s something to brag about if you consume bull testicles as it supposedly increase sexual prowress. Frankly, if you can’t get it up, you have a flaccid dick and you should see your doctor about it instead of looking at animals mating, get turned on and wonder what it’s like to be in the bull’s hooves. Zoophilia is illegal, you morons.

The Amazing Videos programme on Astro often shows people being rammed and stampeded by the bulls. Everytime I see that, I laugh, I applaud and I cheer the animal on. Padan muka sial.

Btw, it is never the sick or the dying who ‘needs’ the bull/tiger/deer testicles, bear paws, sharksfin, bear/snake bile, snake blood, monkey brains, dog meat, etc.

It is the curious and the damned.

Medication konon.

If you wanna show off to the world that you are rich enough to purchase exotic food and fearless enough to consume it, why don’t you do the world a favour by eating your own genitals and jumping off a building at the same time?


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