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Monday, April 09, 2007 

Sleeping Beauty

What a rough weekend!

To start off, I felt sickly on Friday so I took a half day off.

Went home, rested and saw a doctor. Oh, it’s the usual fever, flu, phlegmy sore throat and blocked nose. You should have seen the stuff coming out of my nose and throat. Ickity ick ick.

I spent the whole of Saturday at home, in my room, to be precise. No shopping or hanging out with my usual weekend posse. Tried to nap in the afternoon but the slightest noised sounded like a 5.1 surround sound system to me i.e. MIL singing karaoke downstairs, FIL singing karaoke in the next room, maid scrubbing the porch, the opening and closing of the front door, etc. A few feet away, Clyde was snoring like a 10-wheeler truck on a freeway.


Couldn’t sleep at all that night and on Sunday morning, I woke up at 515am for Easter sunrise service. Tried to wake Clyde up but he wouldn’t budge. So I left and picked Annie up. Reached the church at 620am. Good thing it was a short service coz I couldn’t hold my yawns any longer!

When I reached home around 9am, Clyde was like a mighty boulder; exactly where I left him; unmoved and undisturbed. This is so unnatural.

How can anyone...? :P

Anyways, on Sunday nite, I hit the sack at 1130pm and slept like the dead. I don’t even remember turning over or hearing anyone come home.

My turn. Finally.

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