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Thursday, March 29, 2007 

Bonnie n Clyde

After reading Bonnie's last post, I cat help but start to think how God put defferent people together.

We are married for 3 years and there're some ways we are so different. Some's live are like colour televisions and some are more like a black n white. Bonnie's definitely is not the latter while I'm obviously the old boring black n white.

Her life's like a Micheal Bann Bad Boys kinda action movie; sometimes it amazed me living in the same space and time, she can just experience so much more action than me. It's not that I'm not sensitive to my surroundings, at least I don't think so. But my life is more like a Parkistan art house film that have no action, sometimes even with a dialog script as thick as Watson flyer.

I must admit she does bring a lot more spark into my life. I'm no justifying her nor my lives were not good before we've got together. Just that it is a whole new dimension to experience. For example, scene like what Bonnie describe in her previous posts would pretty unlikely to happen if I were alone. E.g. the lorong kecik incident, neighbour block the whole road to let their master reverse his car out etc.

However, it does put a smile on my face when I read this last post. I think it's funny; and Bonnie's writing is so damn good.

I am the type which Chinese would say "no fire". I think I am born with pretty hot temper, just like my dad and mom but the up bringing shape me into someone quite different. I'm very influence by Buddhism thinking since young, and now I'm a Christian. I do plastic models during freetime, a hobby that put one's patience to extreme test. Now anger which is a feeling that I put in a lot of effort to learn to control, pretty much can be suppressed very quickly. After all these years of self training, it's become an emotion seldom visits me.

It's not that I wont get angry or frustrated, just it wont stay for a long time if it does occur. I would probably just reverse my car, wait until their master's car is completely out from the house and such.

To see the world in a third person point of view is my method.

The only drawback of this attitude is: if you are only a spetator, you do not a chance to "feel". In other words, experience this colourful world.

Bonnie is the one who brought this long-forgotten experience into my life. She is not an aggressive person, but definitely she has her share of all these sparks in life, which to me, trying to live a with a heart like a monk, is already such vibrant colout of life. Mostly, I would just sit besides her enjoying the moment. They always put a smile on my face (With the only exception when she still too angry to allow me feeling happy or funny. I'll just poker face).

I think this's why God put us together. I am the one who reduce her scoldings of other cars when she drive; and she's the one who add so much more colours in my "terlalu lembik" attitude and life.

Even the name "Bonnie and Clyde" was thought by her.

Maybe one day I will really hold a gun to protect our pride (of course before that I gotta learn that our pride does really need to be protected) :-)

Thank you Bonnie

This entry sounds like an Alan Tam song... "before you came, my life is in black & white..." :D

Thanks, dear. You are most welcome. :)

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