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Thursday, March 22, 2007 

The Departed

This year kicked off with a few people leaving the company. By the 1st quarter there will be another 2 veterans, the key people who helped kick start the company. We started with 16 of us and 5 years later, there are only 7 left.

I can’t help but look back at the time when the agency was at her teething stage. There were only a handful of us and we churned out so much work it’s blasphemous! Late nights would be accompanied by visits to the burger stall downstairs, peppered with lots of laughter. There were the usual grouses but none was taken to heart.

Today, the company has grown 3x her size and we’ve moved to a bigger, better building. It’s safe to say the pioneers still share a bond so tight we are categorised as ‘cliquish’. We welcome noobies with open arms but it’s a different thing when you’ve been through so much together for so long. Although we may not hang out together often but I guess there’s a certain level of trust among us that can’t be explained or extended that easily. There may be some isolated cases, but doesn’t happen all the time.


Here’s to all the veterans:

You know who you are, why you are leaving and where you are going. I wish I made an effort to get to know you better. Forgive this lazy and self-involved bum. All the very best in all that you do and take care!

I’ll be seeing you again!

From the bottom of my heart,

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