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Wednesday, February 28, 2007 

Why I Hate Blacks

... was the title of an article published in Asian Week, a San Francisco weekly newspaper by Asian Supremacist Kenneth Eng. How did a column with a title as blatant as that get published, remains a mystery although relevant authorities has been apologising to the public.

According to Eng:

"Blacks hate us. Every Asian who has ever come across them knows that they take almost every opportunity to hurl racist remarks at us."

"Contrary to media depictions, I would argue that blacks are weak-willed. They are the only race that has been enslaved for 300 years."

"Blacks are easy to coerce. This is proven by the fact that so many of them, including the Rev. Al Sharpton, tend to be Christians."

I wanna read that controversial article but for the life of me, it’s been pulled off all web sites.

Anyone got a copy?

WOW...... I would write something about this too.

Google mah!


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