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Wednesday, February 14, 2007 

Valentine Ungkleleke Naleke

May I take this commercialised and money-making February 14 as an opportunity to tell the world what kind of man Clyde is.

He is the most generous (*ahem*...I wanna eat pork knuckle tonight), forgiving (always the first one to say sorry), loving (foot massage pls), understanding (esp when I “need” to buy another pair of black pants) and patient man (not a peep from him when he has to wait for me) I’ve ever known. Clyde is perhaps the only person who can see the good in Bonnie beneath her stubborn and steely exterior (achelly I am a lil’ kitten inside... meowrrr...).

So, thank you for 10 good years... and still counting.

Happy Valentine’s Day darling! Aishiteru!

Footnote: In order to save up for our up-and-coming Korea trip, we have decided not to exchange gifts. So a simple celebration is in order.

eeehh..... malunya ku.......

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