Tuesday, December 12, 2006 

Epigram of a Quitter

Fate's in one's hand. I believe that.

Some people will have their lives surrounded with good people. Hence, they are always be able to create win-win situation, both favorable to themselves and the people around 'em.

Or the other way round.

Some, however, always result lose-lose situation. Everybody loses around them.

Bonnie once told me about a boy lived next to her house when she was young. According to her description, I remember I use to have a tuition mate like that too.

This bugger is one big pain in the ass. I think e's a bit hyper-active type but the real problem is he seemed didnt know his limit. He would go way to the limit and had always fail to realise that's actually beyond his limit. Result? Everyone got hurt.

For example once, during the eighties when the TVB series was the happening thing, one day after tuition, he wanted to play "Dong Che Sai Duk" (SomeTVB series) while passing a stick to me asking to play sword fight with him. Although I was pretty keen, I knew him too well that if I did engage this game with him, somehow I'll be in trouble.

My analysis:

Case#1: I pretend to lose and he'll beat the hell outta me, thinking it's funny. I feel happy - positive

Case#2: I pretend to lose and he'll beat the hell outta me, thinking it's funny. I feel like shit - negative

Case#3: I refuse to join him. He'll insist, and start beating the hell outta me because by then he would have a stick and I dont. Most probably until I bleed - negative

Case #4: I fight seriously. Beat the hell outta him. He tells everyone. I got beaten the hell outta myself by my dad and mom. - negative

Case#5: I fight cautously. Winning him but not putting him in pain. He will never give up, trying harder. What can I do? If I fight serious, refer to case #4. If I not........ Whatever, it'll never end before somebody gets some serious hurting. - negative

Case #6: I run off, telling the tuition teacher. She'll warn him and make us shake hands. However, when we step out of her room .... refer to case#5. - negative

Case #7: I run off, telling my parents or his parents. Refer to case#6, 5, 4.

Unless I'm a saint like in case#1, there'll never be a happy ending. There's always somebody in our lives, like him, who never know his limit. Or in other words, always push themselves to their limits, to do their best. In regardless what cost he may have to pay. Then he'll tell everybody he achieve that with sweat and blood. Everybody respect him.

WTF, sometimes it's MY sweat and blood!

Call me lame, but I'm a good quitter when I know the time better off to quit.

Now whenever I meet people who chase for their own interest on the expense of others' well being; I always think of this little I met.

He did teach me how to be a quitter.

He did leave some positive mark in my life afterall.

Wednesday, December 06, 2006 


“It was the best of times, it was the worst of times.” - Mark Twain

Those were the words best describe my earliest stint in an advertising agency as a full fledged creative person.

For 2 years I roughed it out in a small agency, and mind you, when you work for a small outfit, your job scope ain’t what it says on your call card. It’s more like ‘one-leg-kick kelefe’ or something. Our batch learnt things the hard way. And I mean hard. The turnover for most staff range from half a day, 1 week to few months. It ain’ty easy, I tell ya.

We went beyond our call of duty and then some. Sometimes it’s an appreciated effort, sometimes it’s not. We worked days and nights. Weekends are cancelled when there’s a tender for new business.

Nevertheless, the office was more like a home with a family than a work place. Politics was practically non-existent and people genuinely looked out for each other. We shared joy, laughter, tears, anger, tantrums, mood swings, gossips, sleepless nights, and most importantly, we had a bond. A bond that lasted even when our jobs didn’t.

People left.

Some returned.

Left again.

Only to return again.

Now, we are like a handful of quicksilver. We are everywhere and yet we are still together.

Every now and then we make it a point to meet up. It sounds easy, but believe me, it’s a b*tch to get everyone on an agreeable date, time and place. Usually emails will fly weeks before the actual gathering and power to the host (we take turns to organise) who go through great pains to try and please everyone. There’s the usual objections, banter and insults exhanged and for some reason I can’t fathom, emails are in Malay. I think it started during one of the late nights when us sleepyheads started cussing, kampung-style. Irrelevant, I know. Maybe it’s for the sake of so-called formality.

This has been our tradition for the past 8 years. We would meet up, fill our bellies, swap gossips and reminisce about the not-so-good old days, what we had to do to get ahead and how young people have it easy today. Heck, we sound like a bunch of old farts.

Hopefully, in this crazy world, this will continue to be a legacy before we croak and forget about ex-colleagues like everyone else does.

Friday, December 01, 2006 

Our Savour Was Born

It's December again! The month of celebration.

I always love December for it's the month for Christmas (Also means new year and Chinese new year coming soon). When I was still a student and being actively involved in Christian Fellowship and church activities, this's the month of all busy work, happy busy work.

Caroling, Christmas parties, comittees in evangelistic gathering, church choir, orphangae visit, and others activities are stuff that leaves so much good memories.

This year I'm not joining any stuff my church organize. Think about it, not even last year nor the the year before that.

Probably I should get more involve again. However, there's still nothing can take away the joyful feeling I have.

Guess tonight I will set up our two-foot-Christmas tree.

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