Wednesday, August 30, 2006 

CinaBeng vs Keling

I'm Malaysian.

I watch "Dragon Tiger Gate", I listen to Beyond, and I consume lots of intestine.

Why? Because I'm a cinabeng.


But from now on, I cant self proclaim a cina, a beng, or "cinabeng" anymore.

"Why?" you may ask.

I will tell you why. But before that, let me ask, "What the fuck has this country become?"

*click to enlarge the picture*

I seldom flip kamus, the Malay dictionary, so I only know about this when this morning I read about this small article in the newspaper.

Do you know that these two words are actually IN the dictionary? I am speechless and so upset, angry that I almost choke on my nasi lemak.

Fuck! I cant call myself cinabeng anymore because besides carrying the meaning of being a chinese with very "Chinese" taste and lifestyle, it also means - Celaka, Sial. Dont ask me what do these two Malay words mean. Go check up your dictionary.

Besides that, they also put the word "Keling" in it. This is even more racist until the extend everyday people like you and me gotta be very careful NOT to use this word in public. Unlike cinabeng, this words so racist that it is not funny anymore. Just like "Ma-Chan", "Malai-G", or even "Babi" (If you do not understand Malay, it's like "chink", "Nigger", "Black" etc).

Hallo genius, Indians who migrated from southern India is called "Kelinga"!

If you try to tell me be cool or dont over-react on putting some slangs in the dictionary, like many other English dictionary; Fuck you (x3)!

Fuck you #1. First, if you wanna put in offensive words/slangs; do it in a way that not only a certain ethnic group is involved. If one really wanna do it, cover as many as possible.

Fuck you #2. Even there're slangs, especially is involving racism and being offensive, the dictionary would put in the word, in itallic, "offensive" to indicate the nature of the word. Also with the proper explanation of the word. E.G. the word "Nigger". In Macmillan English Dictionary, the word "nigger"- offensive an extremely offensive word for a black person. They dont explain the word as low, God-damned, stupid, or any other words that a racist would have meant when he use the word. Our all-smart Kamus Dewan should have explained "Cinabeng" as " an offensive word for a Chinese". But they use, "Celaka", instead.

Fuck you #3. This is just for your ignorance!

My suggestion to whoever responsible for composing the Kamus: please, either take those words or any other words similar away, or please include the correct explanation for these words. Don't ever explain the word in the point of someone using the word. Maybe, when someone call a chinese cinabeng he does really mean celaka. But this is NOT the way to put in a dictionary! At least do not mislead, especially the younger generation, what does the word means. Obviously it should be something like: "Slang. Offensive word to a Malaysian Chinese".

The best way is to take those words away altogether. If anyone insist on putting them in, I can, too, suggest some other words like that. Ma-Chan? Hak Pei? Malai-G? Or even Babi?

I'm being aggressive? These are words I heard coming outta cinabeng or keling when they ARE being aggressive. At least if I were to put these words in a dictionary, I would have first tell the reader/seeker that these are offensive words and should not be used.

Or should use only when you got totally pissed off.

Happy birthday Malaysia! Best Wishes from a Cinabeng.

Thursday, August 24, 2006 


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See this? It's a mineral bottle filled with water and Ribena.

When I was still at primary school, mom would make me lug a big tupperware of water to school everyday. And after school I would bring home the same big tupperware with the same quantity of content.

For one, I hated drinking water. Still do.

And half the time I was busy eyeing this rich Malay gal in class who keep bringing a big tupperware of Ribena to school everyday. Wow, I thought to myself. I wonder what's it like to drink Ribena in abundance everyday? That was something I could not comprehend. I asked mom, but was rewarded with a retort that I should be greatful I still have clean water to consume compared to the hungry kids in Africa.

Hmph. You'd think I was asking for a baby brother.

But now that I am an adult and am feeling a bit under the weather (whimper, whimper), I drink Ribena every night coz it helps wash away the bitter aftertaste of medication. To heck with the calories and sugar content...

Cheers, mom!


Note: This is an entry with no point, other than Bonnie is appreciating the perks of growing up.

Monday, August 21, 2006 

Stay - by Marc Forster

Watched a movie that got me stay up for hours last night.

“Stay”. It’s named.

I watched it with total wrong expectation; judging by the previous works the director. It’s like having a Chinese herbal soup while you are expecting cheese fonde.

For those of you who haven’t watched it, or even those who had, please take away the idea that it’s a drama/ suspense/ whatsoever story driven film. Don’t! There’s no explanation or even no plots on the surface; at least a more traditional way.

It’s like an intellectual cinematic essay that is recorded and expressed by the director. Like a blog, or a piece of fine art. It doesn’t have a story, no, yes it does have a story but it’s fragmented and loose that doesn’t have any importance for the entire show. Somehow it gave me a feeling of some similarity of David Lynch’s movies. Story’s vague, but thru visuals and lightings and editing, they convey emotions and feelings to the audience. What about “Stay”?

No, at least not to me. It’s some good cast, high quality production, one-of-a-kind editing, sound etc etc; it just doesn’t touched me. Like a piece of art, some you may just admire it’s beauty by it’s motive, technique, choice of colors etc, but you’d never been able to connect to it on a deeper level. This is “Stay” to me.

I would say this’s definitely some kind of dream graduation work for some art school college students. It’s so director driven that the audience cannot, at all, anticipate what’s going to happen next but just accept what the director’s going to feed to you. One of the greatest dreams of many directors is to make the audience directly connect to the movie he created. There’re some good examples of achieving and failing to do so. Achievers: The Ring; where the ghost came outta the tv box that suddenly created a illusion to the audience who are actually looking into the cinema or tv screen. The short moment of the illusion suddenly take away the feeling of being safe or “just a movie” and created a short moment of panic and fear. Failure: Last Action Hero. Keep reminding the audience the boy is in a real world and Arnold’s in a fake one; which directly remind the real audience they’re actually watching something fake, resembling the actual relation between the audience and the show. Hence immediately pull the audience out of the movie and back into reality.

Though some successfully convey various emotions, like fear, sadness thru the silver screen to the heart of audience, have anyone ever convey illusions and confusions? (Well, matrix 1 did a certain level) I think this is a lot harder to do than any other emotions and feelings because first it’s gotta make the audience reject or at least question his own existence. “Stay” is very surrealistic, it’s about parallel world, illusions, and uncertainty. Thus, it’s in a much difficult position.

Like what I had said, this movie is exactly like a piece of fine art (probably it’s the reason the director use fine art in the movie too), either you like it or you don’t. There’s no reason, no fact; just the purest form of emotion connection.

If you are expecting a psychological thriller (like I did), skip it. If you are expecting a drama about life and death, bloody skip it! However, if you are looking for a showcase of what film directors are doing or experimenting in this new millennium, you will get top notch motion picture techniques showcase here.
Or, the best, if you are one of those who are actually seeking the feeling of being lost and confused (about dreams and reality), this is the movie for you.



It's Monday.
Like every other Mondays in my my life. It's Monday.
Yet it's like no other Monday in my entire life. It's this Monday, today.
Suddenly I'm confused with being "Ordinary" and being "Unique"
So, you are reading this: An epigram or a piece of junk?
Confusion is the only certain thing right now.
Am I confused? or am I certain about me being confused?
Doesn't matter.
This is my Monday.

Friday, August 18, 2006 

Dragon Tiger Gate

I read "Long Fu Moon". Yes I do.

One of the fun thing growing up in the 70's is having such comics. It's fun to read, it's perfect for satisfying one's violence instinct, it's so controversial that gave a 5-year-old boy first glimspe of rebellion agaisnt his parents.

It's the only fun thing going to the barber shop.

Finally, after near to 30 years, close to 1,400 episodes, somebody is seriously making a movie of it (I dont mean those low budget ones before this).

"Dragon Tiger Gate", it's called; as in direct translation of the comic chinese title.
Those who watched the movie "SPL" last year would know the director for this movie. I think as a young director, he's doing pretty well in his previously work. However, when many were impressed with his effort in SPL, most were actually impressed because that's his first full length motion picture. To a new director, that's pretty good already.

This is "Dragon Tiger Gate". This is the most read comic in my entire life. This is also the comic most Hong Kong people read. Hence, while pulling up my expectation on how the movie should be made, relatively I started to lower down my expectation for the movie.

Anyway, as a fan for over twenty years, I will definitely not going to miss the show. Just hope it's not as disapointing as I expected.

Tuesday, August 15, 2006 

It's Never Too Early For Christmas

My little stress-released site.
(Dont cick the link, just copy and paste onto the adress box. This link will not bing yo to the targeted site. I also dnno why)

Check it out! Cotains funny flash and videos (many commercials) too.

Have a nice day!

Thursday, August 10, 2006 

Quitter Quitting The Quit

The bestest way to quit smoking...

... is to best someone who can't.




August has been a shitty month for me.

Somebody’s kid died, somebody’s unborn baby died, somebody was mad at me, I am mad at somebody, I scratched my car, work sucks, weather sucks, Clyde is unwell, etc etc.

The list goes on and on.

Even my all-time favourite KFC tastes stale.

Am looking for the silver lining(s).



Yesterday marked the passing of Jonathan Gan. He left us for the Lord after battling with cancer for the past 2 years.

Beloved son, diligent student, loving brother, football fanatic.

He was 16.

Rest in peace and God bless.

Friday, August 04, 2006 

Computer Game + Comics + Model = GEEK!

These are things I like. Unfortunate hobbies, to many people, at least in Malaysia.

Computer Games

I once got this comment, "You still play computer games? eee... so cute!"

I was puzzled for a while; couldn't understand what she really meant. I just got back from US after two and a half year there and for a while I couldn't understand why people reacted such a way to computer gaming. People I met over there, my fellow classmates, my professor, even my ex-employer (internship) do a certain amount of gaming. Those who dont are either the poor, the uneducated, or the old fashion minded.

The one who gave this comment was a twenty-something, degree holding young executive.


Hong Kong (Japan as well). From fishmonger to financial institution executives, each holding a stack of paper under their arms; ready to start reading when they got into the subway or after they have got a place to sit down and ordered their food.

The reading materials could be newspaper, magazine, novel, and even comics.

"I thought you are reading newspaper. Ha, actually is comics. You should be reading more informative stuff!"

This's my mother seeing me reading comics in kopitiam; at that time, I was thirty three.


I don't mean catwalk kind of modelling. I mean plastic model that you need to build and paint.

I didn't get any comment, verbally. But I got a supportive smile from Bonnie, which I might wrongly interpreted, that is somewhat similar to a mom's when she's looking at her 5-year-old kid holding his new toy.

I love painting. I did 2D stuff like wood pencil sketches, water color and such. Modelling is a new form of 3D platform to me. I've found so much fun in buidling and doing touch up on plastics, planning and organizing modification of a certain model, using various material for sculpture making, and cross-medium painting.

When I did airbrush work; to do a piece with a rusty iron just involve painting and washing with acrylic paint and later spray to further soften the brush strokes in order to create a photo-like painting.

However, there're so many methods of doing so in 3D modelling: each is possible and is all depends on your creativity.

You can either mix putty with solvent, apply on the surface, beat it lightly with a bruch (or even toothbrush) to create the same rough surface coz by rust underneath the paint on the iron. Then paint it with color. With this, not only it'll look like rust but it feels like one too when you touch it.

Or you could paint the whole thing with rust-like combination of colors, cover it up with the paint of the piece of iron; then use a knife to scratch off certain part of the top layer to reveal the underneath colors. This you can feel the roughness when toughing it but you'll get a more random peel off paint effect that's also very realistic.

I love the creativity and innovation in it, despite that funny look on the face of the cashier in Jusco toy department.

Geek, I guess this's what I'm labelled as.

Thursday, August 03, 2006 

Drop it Like It's Hot

It feels good to throw stuff sumtimes.

Books, job reqs, tantrums.

It was an accident. I tripped and had to throw something in order to grab my chair for balance. It sure caused a deafening silence.

But as long as it’s company’s property, right?



The Butler Did It

Aha! The culprit apologized after reading the hostile notice I put up in the pantry.

It's no biggie, just curious.


Is them, Not me.

Recently snatch-n-run, and robbery cum killing have, again become a big issue in the chinese speaking community in Malaysia (English or Malay paper don't seem to put much emphasis on this issue. Neither the radio stations, except those chinese ones). People got injured or even killed because of a little money. A college student got killed near LRT station while he was robbed.

As usual, politicians'd used this to gain their political capital, the police 'd again claimed they are lack of man power; this time even Pak Lah's made his comment.

I'm not interested in this. When others are unreliable, we people have to put things in our hands. My concern is, what are we going to do? Or even, after putting down the paper, do we even put in a little extra effort to prevent all these?

I have a friend who gotta arrange her wedding in three months time due to her unexpected pregnancy. The cause is unprotected sex.

Together with her sister, we had dinner together and we talked about this matter over. She's in her early thirties, she is an editor of few female magazines (with sex column), she is well educated with a degree; but when come to sex, she rely more on her period than the rubber!

Most of the questions, she could just answer with, "but my period always accurate mah.....". When ask whether both of them went for mediacl checkup before they had it the first time, the answer: If he had any desease, I would have already infected. So far so good lor.......

Deep down inside, she believe this kinda thing wont happen to her.

This is the mentality of many people in our society. People got robbed, killed, raped, and all sorts of bad things happened; but there're always many others think that will nopt happen to them. With all these kinda news filling up our daily newspaper, how many people you still find do not lock the door after they got into car in the parking lot? how many still leave their drinks unattended in pubs or disco while others can easily drug it (Even easier is to get away from being sued by claiming the girl the man drugged was willingly having one night stand)? How many still do not noticed there was a motorcycle just pass by them which, if the rider wanted, and their handbags could have been easily snatched?

To many people, bad things only happen to unfortunate people, only those in the newspaper. They are just ordinary people who will nopt appeared in the press, hence things will unlikely be happening onto them.

I wonder why they dont think this way when they buy lottery ticket. :-)

I can write this cause I used to be exactly like this: It's only after being nagged by Bonnie for not locking my car in the parking lot, not getting my keys ready before getting to my car and etc, I realised how important and yet, how easy it can be to keep these small exercises as habbits to ensure the safety of myself and my belonging.

So for all of you out there who think you are not, and will not be a part of the statistics; those people you read about in the newspaper are just ordinary people like you and I. If things could happen to them, it could happen to us too. Just like what you believe in when you buy that piece of Big Sweep.

Have a nice day. And a safe one too.

Tuesday, August 01, 2006 

Keeping Mum

Someone broke my mug in the office pantry and buat tak tau.

This sucks.

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