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Thursday, August 03, 2006 

Is them, Not me.

Recently snatch-n-run, and robbery cum killing have, again become a big issue in the chinese speaking community in Malaysia (English or Malay paper don't seem to put much emphasis on this issue. Neither the radio stations, except those chinese ones). People got injured or even killed because of a little money. A college student got killed near LRT station while he was robbed.

As usual, politicians'd used this to gain their political capital, the police 'd again claimed they are lack of man power; this time even Pak Lah's made his comment.

I'm not interested in this. When others are unreliable, we people have to put things in our hands. My concern is, what are we going to do? Or even, after putting down the paper, do we even put in a little extra effort to prevent all these?

I have a friend who gotta arrange her wedding in three months time due to her unexpected pregnancy. The cause is unprotected sex.

Together with her sister, we had dinner together and we talked about this matter over. She's in her early thirties, she is an editor of few female magazines (with sex column), she is well educated with a degree; but when come to sex, she rely more on her period than the rubber!

Most of the questions, she could just answer with, "but my period always accurate mah.....". When ask whether both of them went for mediacl checkup before they had it the first time, the answer: If he had any desease, I would have already infected. So far so good lor.......

Deep down inside, she believe this kinda thing wont happen to her.

This is the mentality of many people in our society. People got robbed, killed, raped, and all sorts of bad things happened; but there're always many others think that will nopt happen to them. With all these kinda news filling up our daily newspaper, how many people you still find do not lock the door after they got into car in the parking lot? how many still leave their drinks unattended in pubs or disco while others can easily drug it (Even easier is to get away from being sued by claiming the girl the man drugged was willingly having one night stand)? How many still do not noticed there was a motorcycle just pass by them which, if the rider wanted, and their handbags could have been easily snatched?

To many people, bad things only happen to unfortunate people, only those in the newspaper. They are just ordinary people who will nopt appeared in the press, hence things will unlikely be happening onto them.

I wonder why they dont think this way when they buy lottery ticket. :-)

I can write this cause I used to be exactly like this: It's only after being nagged by Bonnie for not locking my car in the parking lot, not getting my keys ready before getting to my car and etc, I realised how important and yet, how easy it can be to keep these small exercises as habbits to ensure the safety of myself and my belonging.

So for all of you out there who think you are not, and will not be a part of the statistics; those people you read about in the newspaper are just ordinary people like you and I. If things could happen to them, it could happen to us too. Just like what you believe in when you buy that piece of Big Sweep.

Have a nice day. And a safe one too.

You forgot: talking on your mobile when approaching car parks.

Yes I did forget. I will not do it again ma'am!

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