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Sunday, July 09, 2006 

Superman Stinks

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Superman stinks.


Clyde and I slinked into our cinema seats at GSC Mid Valley yesterday afternoon to watch the much anticipated movie. I heard the new Clark Kent comes with a good package (‘package’ being the operative word here, heh); buns of steel, abs of iron, a pair of thick, black, bushy brows and not to mention he bears an uncanny resemblance to the late Christopher Reeve.

As soon as the commercials started, I caught a whiff of my neighbour's breath. Fuuuyoo...like rotten food. It didn't help that he burped and grunted throughout the entire movie. Clyde was having a ball looking at my pathetic attempts to fold a mask from tissues. Failing which, I just stuffed the whole lot up my nostrils.

What else could I do? You can't hold it against someone who has halitiosis. The only thing I tried to hold was my breath.

I thought the movie would never end. When the credits rolled and lights came on, Clyde whispered to me, “I think the stench came from your tapau-ed leftover lunch from Mr. Ho."

We checked and true enough, my lunch went basi inside the plastic bag.

Good thing I did not give Mr. Burp looks of flying dagger...malu sial.

Oh, Superman Returns did not move the earth for me coz I find the part he lifted up the entire island filled with Krytonite was a bit illogical. And I was disappointed Lois Lane wasn't single anymore. But overall, it was alright coz buns of steel can save my day, anyday.

Well, it's better than X Men; and superman 3 and 4.

What more you can expect from Hollywood?

True. The storyline changed, just like the rest...

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