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Friday, July 07, 2006 

Celebrity Credibility

For the life of me, I cannot fathom out why some people need to steal the thunder. Why do they need to take credit and claim everything as their own even when it's not.

Especially since you're already an international superstar.

Why stoop so low?

I recently have the (mis)fortune working with a reknowned celebrity. Although he is based in Taiwan, he has already made his mark in most Asian countries like HK, Malaysia, Singapore, Taiwan and some say China. To be fair, he certainly is a talented fellow with looks to boot. One glance and the gals melt. Well, most of them anyway.

But not Bonnie.

When I 'met' him on the set for a shoot, he was aloof and I don't blame him because it must be really weird having all eyes on you like a freak and snapping your photographs without your consent all the time.

And so, I went to work.

My client, who was present, commented that surely I am not a fan because I was doing my job like a pro *ahaks* while the rest of the womenfolk was oggling and giggling. Strangely enough, the shoot wasn't painful although the Film Director was inexperienced. The primadonnaship only began AFTER.

As a starter, he announced to the Chinese daily that he did EVERYTHING. The everything bracket includes conceptualization, idea, film directing and set design. Then WTF were we there for? Sheesh.

And as for the post work, he was basically being a pain, being adamant about the edits, colours and sound effects. Hey, you may be the celebrity, but we are the pros when it comes to cutting a commercial. At least, we don't have personal hang ups about how our skin tone looks on screen or do shit like name-dropping all the friggin' time.

Dey, it's a brand ad wey. The client is paying you and me.

If you think you are too big a star to be ordered around, don't do ad endorsement la pun.

Ha ha. Good experience huh? At least he is not that big of a star. PrimaDona? He's just a small timer la. (At least he didn't ask for white carpet wherever he walk)

About the taking credit thing, it's more of a PR thing la.

I have heard quite some stories from friend of mine who works in event dealing with concerts and stuff. I guess these are the things they get when they have lost/trade off most of their freedom.

At least he showed up at the studio on time right (at least not like 4 hours late kinda thing)? And you get your job done.

What more can we expect from an international star?

I get my job done. Like half-assed.

Hah!!! I know which BIG STAR u r talking abt! :p

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