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Tuesday, June 13, 2006 

Nihon: Of Geishas and Gion

Wish we spent more time here.

Fact is, we wasted a lot of time checking in and out of hotels. for our 2D/1N trip.

About 45 minutes ride on the Shinkansen from Osaka, Kyoto is a quaint little cultural town, probably the only place you can ever spot a geisha. Contrary to popular beliefs, geishas do not walk around Gion wearing expensive silk kimonos and elaborate waxed hairdos while holding pretty little paper umbrellas all the damn time. In fact, geisha-spotting is so scarce it's disappointing. Plus, they do not entertain gaijin like you and me. You probably have to be a local big shot and pay a hefty sum to have one accompanying you for a dance or theater outing.

We got our share of ogling by purchasing Geisha Dance tickets at Y2200 (RM70++) a pop. You get a tea ceremony package by paying up to Y4,500 (RM146.25). Being el cheapos, we stuck to the basics. Heh.

They came, they sang, they danced their way into our hearts.

Of course we did not understand a single word but it's art, beb. Culture.

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Even the longkang is a tourist attraction

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Some broad trying to seduce another’s hubby

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Glad that you enjoy the show. For me I prefer the Bonnie-version.:->

Didn't you say anything about how we ended up there (one day earlier) in the first place? It's just entertaining.


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