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Thursday, June 08, 2006 


What do I like about Japan?

What is there not to like?

After spending 12 D/ 11N there, I am in love. In love with ever-friendly and ready-for-action civic-minded citizens. The detail on every piece of sweet / cookie wrapper, all bursting to the brim with kawaii-ness. The endless why-didn't-I-think of-it gadgets of all kinds, everything you can ever dream of and create, is available at a sum. The flamboyant fashion sense, always outrageous, always a trend-setter. The breathtaking sceneries, painstakingly preserved to a pristine condition. The tourist-friendly public transport and facilities for nihongo-challenged gaijin like me.

There is just something sooo.... systematic about the country. Not rigid but disciplined. Not stiff but tender. Not overdone but just nice.


Do I sound like a gushing bride?

Yup, Bonnie's mesmerised. And you will never hear the end of it.

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