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Friday, April 14, 2006 

Happily Ever After: A Counter Attack for “Tlue Lomance”

I’m supposed to write a counter attack entry for “Tlue Lomance” (Wed, April 05, 2006) but actually I have totally forgotten about that. What’s new complaining about men being insensitive and not romantic?

But anyway, here I am, writing a suppose counter attack letter to you.

* Romantic: relating to the style of literature, art, and music known as Romanticism.

Obviously, there's another interpretation of this word: adj. Making you feel love and excitement. At first glance, it looks like the main responsibility is on the doer; to make the receiver feel love and romantic. However, when we really study the whole sentence, it contains TWO verbs in it: :Making” & “feel”. In short, being romantic requires two persons, the doer and the receiver. If the receiver had any form of mental block or prejudice, not matter what the doer do or how much effort he puts it (in this case, I’m talking about man), the receiver will not be able to feel.

Ring a bell, all you women out there? * evil laughter*

Besides that, there’s the question of who should play the role of doer and receiver. Women constantly complain men (at least most of them) not being romantic. They always can point out thousands of reasons and example to stand their point:

Man is NOT romantic when:
They don’t buy gifts and flower.

Man is NOT romantic when:
They don’t set up romantic plans and activities to do together.

Man is NOT romantic when:
They don’t express their love the way woman likes it (verbal etc)

Man is NOT romantic when:…….

(There’re tons of them and is not necessary to list them down; anyone can ask any woman and she will give you a two-hour session listing them down for you)

So when men, as the doer, do not do these stuff that classified and “romantic”, it makes them not romantic and insensitive. The question is, does it make the receiver romantic when she didn’t receive the romantic act? Or does it, make the receiver ROMANTIC when she receive?

Ah-huh, don't tell me that crap like: this is the divine obligation of men. Well women can ask that during the era when they were not allowed to study, when they were not allowed to step outside the house before marriage, when they were not allowed to have they own social life after marriage etc etc. Time has changed. Women have become independent now. With all the privileges they gained over this hundred year, they should know they might lost some that they used to have.

No, I am not saying women do not deserve all these romantic act from men. They do, and of all beings in this world, only women deserve to be treated the best way a man can treat another person. My point is: do not take this for granted. Anything good happens is a bonus.

Just like why you don't complain about not winning the lottery ticket.

As for Bonnie and Clyde, hey I admit the two books ain't the standard for current type of romantic norm, but they're carefully picked (And not cheap too! Oh, me being cheapo again….) Remember the situation back then? Your career and your depression and stress? Is the thoughts that counts.

Okay, I am offbeat and those books are definitely a miss shot. But I always thank God for letting me to have a wife who’s equally offbeat. Hehe, don't pretend. With your collection of serial killer dvds and obsession for animal inner organ as food, I know God have sent me the perfect partner.

I am not Casanova, nor Don Juan nor Lothario.

But I am a damn lucky one. For, outta 500 million human beings out there, I am deeply in love with the one who happens to be in love with me too.

I love the way you smile, the way you dance, and the way to hug me.

I, too, love the way you pigged yourself on chicken intestine, love the way you fart in the blanket, and the way you try to hide your burp.

Just like Princess Fiona, Shrek is the perfect one. And the other way round.

I love you.


How can you give away "your" intimate secrets that way?!

Btw, there is some psychological truth in people who always start talking about their problems with, "My friend has this problem...."

Hee haw.

Who? Who start talking about himself with, "My fren has this problem....."

Haha, nice having u again. Welcome back baby.

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