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Saturday, April 08, 2006 

Ass Wipe.......

I seldom get emotional during work. I really do.

But I did today. After putting down the phone, while driving Bonnie to work, I just couldn't help it and made hell lot of complain to her.

What actually can really get into my nerve? I am a sales and face many people everyday. Amongst them there's no short of ones who are unreasonable or who are aggressive in their choice of words. I can remain calm almost all time.

I ponder over it and realised that the main thing that got me angry or upset is........... (Drum rolling) the increasing amount of people who lack the courage to bear responsibility; or worse, the interest to solve problems.

All these jokers want is just to cover their own asses; doesn't matter what kinda damages will be done to their suppliers or even their own company.

I have this client from Australia (whish I print their packaging for their overseas market) that now they want to launch their line of products into Malaysia. They have appointed an advertising agency to do both above and below the line work. This agency has their own design house to spacially cater the packaging work.

As the appointed printer, I'd done whatever needed to be done: mockup with actual material, sampling the finishing quality, digital reading and approval of paper thickness and stiffness, Delta-e reading for ink density and reflective, etc etc...... I, together with the actual material mocjup, have passed them the diecut layout printed by CAD software.

NOW, they requested the diecut in ai format! With all the things I'd done and handed over to them, they ask me to pass them a soft copy of diecut layout in ai format? I have it in CAD format but as I have told them, if I direct convert the file to Ilustrator, there's still a chance that the meassurement might vary or change. The best bet is to follow the actual size printout and construct it in Illustrator.

However, they refuse to do it themselves: In between lines, they are saying, " If anything goes wrong, it is YOUR shit and not ours."

Time is scarse. I told them we do not have the expertise in constructing in ai format. I have to hire some design house and reconstruct it following the printout and that might take up even longer time. Well, I said this with a bit of sacarsm.


At that point of time, I almost wanted to ask them should I hire THEIR design house to construct the ai file so I can pass it back to them?

The design came from Australian client in softcopy, and now they want the printer to provide the softcopy of diecut to them. So I guess for the thousands of Ringgit design fees, what they have to do is just type in the Malay wordings on the packaging. Damn! I want to do that too! Just put in 2 ai file, one from Australian client and one from the printer, and type a few Malay wording and, Woala! few thousand bucks in the pocket!

The agency is big, so probably the top guy wont know, or wont be bother with this matter. However, if anything goes wrong and the launch is delay, probably the client will feel it first. In the end, it's their own company that suffers.

Yeah yeah yeah, but these buggers wont give a damn whether it's good or not to their company; they are not interested in solving problems, all their care is not to make any mistake and by end of the month they still get their salary. All faults are by the suppliers.

Selfish assholes!

I don't mind problem. It happens all the time. The bad thing is when there's one where you can see it, but nobody is ineterested in solving it.

Think I will send them a thousand buck worth of toilet roll next year for their annual dinner.

Maybe I do not have to, they are experts in wiping their own asses!

As they say in Manchester, "Blame the Chinese girl!"

But over here it's, "Blame the supplier!"

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