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Wednesday, April 05, 2006 

Tlue Lomance

I think it's time we divulge more info about our lives as a couple. Otherwise, why have a couple blog eh?

Today I wanna talk about Clyde.

I have known Clyde for 17 years and during the initial years when we were both still booming with raging hormones and pimply breakouts, I thought of him as a romantic dude. We would write to each other and he would compliment each message with a little sketch and poem. Deep la konon. Heh.

There was a few years gap when we did not keep in touch and when we finally got around to doing so, the romantic side of him dissipated.

But apparently he begs to differ. His version of romance nowadays seem...erm... a tad offbeat to me.

I remember one unforgettable Valentine's day, he gave me 2 books as a gift. Don't get me wrong. There's absolutely nothing wrong with receiving books as a gift. Really. Not a problem even if it's on birthdays, Valentine's day, Christmas or anniversaries. I love books.

Unless the books in question bears some 'controversial' titles.

How controversial is controversial?

I am not talking about religion here. Or politics. Or philosophy.

I am talking about receiving a book on Valentine's Day titled "How To Make Friends."

And oh, it gets better.

The 2nd book was "How To Control Your Mood Swings."

That, people, is what I meant by ‘controversial.’

Asking for trouble, wasn't he?

I didn't know quite how to react but damn, that's the last thing I would do. If a fight was what he wanted, I ain't giving him none. Nope, no ballistic reaction. I put out my erupting volcano, gave a sweet smile and a coy “Aw, you shouldn’t have.”

But he did.

And I made sure he won’t stop hearing about this for years to come.

And now the world hears about this as well.

*evil laughter*

Now, now, darlin, I am not doing this out of spite but since I am going to be out of the country for a week, have a good laugh remembering this and be good, y'hear. Maybe this post will inspire a counter-attack entry from you.

Can't wait. ;-D

I thought after TP & TQ u shud've understood? Dale Carnagie was a damn good writer. Anyway, like your gifts last valentine's, birthday, x'mas...... Gimme me some credit, k? Not too bad from someone you call Dugong..... :-)

Wow...I sure did inspired some entries! Hee haw.

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