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Saturday, April 08, 2006 

Manifesto of Boredomism

Do you realized that when we are bored, or at least not paying attention to what we are doing, we will start to scribble?

This is what I call the art of Boredomism.

This kind of drawing doesn't need an intention or a motive. It's just a honest record of our mind map.

It's simple: Everyone can do it. All you need to do is not to think of anything by purpose, let your mind be in a vacuum kinda condition. The hand will automatically start jotting down what's in your mind, at least not your conscious mind.

It's a true reflection of what's in your head, might not be any sort of idea or thinking, might be just you marking down your emotion. Don't throw it away, look at it carefully and you might even discover something that you didn't realize: the dark side or the unseen side of you.

Well, it might not be as simple: the keyword is not to think anything. No intention and no motive. Just let your hand to jot down your mind.

It might contain a lot of information to people who can read it; or it might just be a total piece of junk. Depends on how you see it. If you do not know what to do with it, mail it to me.

See what we interpret is the same as what you think about yourself.

i can't even doodle if my life depended on it, much less draw.

But u definitely can write! Have checked out your blog, good writing.Nice meeting u.

Madame Fee sees a ship (getaway), ocean (vacation), fish (seafood), dog (adventure) and a lot of holes (sex).

So it does mean something. Can't wait. :D

Haha! I didn't even realise that!

Damn. It says I am a lazy pervert who loves fishy smelling stuff, huh?

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