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Monday, July 31, 2006 

Space Cadet

There is no explaination for Kiasuism. Some people are just born with it. They want to be the 1st to watch the latest blockbuster movie and the 1st in line when the bank opens in the morning.

They also inch closer to you every time you move ahead in a queue. They stand so near that you are practically hip to hip. They probably think 'personal space' is a piece of land you can own in the Milky Way.

And I am not talking about some humsup dude with a penchant for middle-aged women. It's a gal. Malay. In tudung. 20 something. This happened on Saturday at the Guardian Warehouse Sale in Nanyang Siang Pau HQ.

It got so bad I had to put my gigantic RM200 bag worth of female products behind me to prevent her set of headlights from shinning in my backyard. Even then, she tried to step over so she can stand closer to me. I had to do the inevitable; turn around and stare her in the eye, which startled her and she took a respectful step back before I unleashed my fury at her. She's not so dim after all.

Not that I am homophobic.

But still.

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