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Sunday, July 09, 2006 

WC 2006 (pre pro)

DATE: 9 July 2006

TIME: 11.20pm

VENUE: The boudoir of Bonnie & Clyde

ACTION: Clyde will watch the WC finals in MUTE mode coz Bonnie will be snoozing away after working from Sunday 1pm - 11pm and still counting.

HYPOTHETICAL ACTION: If Clyde turns up the volume, Bonnie would be one very pissed mutha. Trust me, Bonnie is not nice:
1) When people disturbs her slumber
2) When she’s hungry
3) When people do not bother to respond to her questions / phonecalls / SMS / email
4) When the Wifi is not working
5) When she gets a bad hair cut
6) When it's her turn and the traffic lights changes to red
7) When she has to deal with morons with brocolli for brains
8) Generally when things don't go her way

Ya, ya. Bonnie's a monster. But you get the idea.

So watch this space tomorrow. ;-)

All I can say is: If you live in a jungle long enough, you'll know how to survive. Have a pleasant day babe.

So clever. Orchid ah!

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