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Wednesday, August 30, 2006 

CinaBeng vs Keling

I'm Malaysian.

I watch "Dragon Tiger Gate", I listen to Beyond, and I consume lots of intestine.

Why? Because I'm a cinabeng.


But from now on, I cant self proclaim a cina, a beng, or "cinabeng" anymore.

"Why?" you may ask.

I will tell you why. But before that, let me ask, "What the fuck has this country become?"

*click to enlarge the picture*

I seldom flip kamus, the Malay dictionary, so I only know about this when this morning I read about this small article in the newspaper.

Do you know that these two words are actually IN the dictionary? I am speechless and so upset, angry that I almost choke on my nasi lemak.

Fuck! I cant call myself cinabeng anymore because besides carrying the meaning of being a chinese with very "Chinese" taste and lifestyle, it also means - Celaka, Sial. Dont ask me what do these two Malay words mean. Go check up your dictionary.

Besides that, they also put the word "Keling" in it. This is even more racist until the extend everyday people like you and me gotta be very careful NOT to use this word in public. Unlike cinabeng, this words so racist that it is not funny anymore. Just like "Ma-Chan", "Malai-G", or even "Babi" (If you do not understand Malay, it's like "chink", "Nigger", "Black" etc).

Hallo genius, Indians who migrated from southern India is called "Kelinga"!

If you try to tell me be cool or dont over-react on putting some slangs in the dictionary, like many other English dictionary; Fuck you (x3)!

Fuck you #1. First, if you wanna put in offensive words/slangs; do it in a way that not only a certain ethnic group is involved. If one really wanna do it, cover as many as possible.

Fuck you #2. Even there're slangs, especially is involving racism and being offensive, the dictionary would put in the word, in itallic, "offensive" to indicate the nature of the word. Also with the proper explanation of the word. E.G. the word "Nigger". In Macmillan English Dictionary, the word "nigger"- offensive an extremely offensive word for a black person. They dont explain the word as low, God-damned, stupid, or any other words that a racist would have meant when he use the word. Our all-smart Kamus Dewan should have explained "Cinabeng" as " an offensive word for a Chinese". But they use, "Celaka", instead.

Fuck you #3. This is just for your ignorance!

My suggestion to whoever responsible for composing the Kamus: please, either take those words or any other words similar away, or please include the correct explanation for these words. Don't ever explain the word in the point of someone using the word. Maybe, when someone call a chinese cinabeng he does really mean celaka. But this is NOT the way to put in a dictionary! At least do not mislead, especially the younger generation, what does the word means. Obviously it should be something like: "Slang. Offensive word to a Malaysian Chinese".

The best way is to take those words away altogether. If anyone insist on putting them in, I can, too, suggest some other words like that. Ma-Chan? Hak Pei? Malai-G? Or even Babi?

I'm being aggressive? These are words I heard coming outta cinabeng or keling when they ARE being aggressive. At least if I were to put these words in a dictionary, I would have first tell the reader/seeker that these are offensive words and should not be used.

Or should use only when you got totally pissed off.

Happy birthday Malaysia! Best Wishes from a Cinabeng.

Hey, don't you know this is a politicaly correct country? ;)

Hmm... thats racist, yalah, that 马来人 melebih. Look at the streets at night, many 'mat rempits' are doing stunts, and what race are they? They are 马来人. The penagih dadah in malaysia are all 马来人... Before, i used to call my chinese friends cinabeng, but now cannot because of that idiots from DBP

From a 马来人

"Belanda dapat tanah", "Cina buta","Penampar Jepun","Roti Keling","Mat Salleh(Mad sailor)" - jadi peribahasa dah pun. Biar busuk macam manapun dah jadi sejarah, tak boleh nak ubah-ubah. Bahasa milik bangsa. Kuat bagi rasuah pulak sape. No ca-ya-nun-alif No rasuah.

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