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Friday, August 18, 2006 

Dragon Tiger Gate

I read "Long Fu Moon". Yes I do.

One of the fun thing growing up in the 70's is having such comics. It's fun to read, it's perfect for satisfying one's violence instinct, it's so controversial that gave a 5-year-old boy first glimspe of rebellion agaisnt his parents.

It's the only fun thing going to the barber shop.

Finally, after near to 30 years, close to 1,400 episodes, somebody is seriously making a movie of it (I dont mean those low budget ones before this).

"Dragon Tiger Gate", it's called; as in direct translation of the comic chinese title.
Those who watched the movie "SPL" last year would know the director for this movie. I think as a young director, he's doing pretty well in his previously work. However, when many were impressed with his effort in SPL, most were actually impressed because that's his first full length motion picture. To a new director, that's pretty good already.

This is "Dragon Tiger Gate". This is the most read comic in my entire life. This is also the comic most Hong Kong people read. Hence, while pulling up my expectation on how the movie should be made, relatively I started to lower down my expectation for the movie.

Anyway, as a fan for over twenty years, I will definitely not going to miss the show. Just hope it's not as disapointing as I expected.

you mean you haven't watched it yet? woah, it's been there for such a long time. really cool fighting scenes but so so on the storyline.

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