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Tuesday, January 30, 2007 

Girl Power

I had a yumcha session with one of my ex colleagues recently. Like me, she is also a female Art Director.

After the usual tanya khabar, she asked if I am still with the same company and working on the same telco account. I replied affirmative on both counts.

Being a freelancer, she makes her rounds in all the international agencies. She told me that there is no female creative people solely on telco accounts! Even if there were, girls would usually resign or ask for account reshuffle after 6 months to 2 years due to the extreme stress and long working hours. The fact that I lasted 5 years really, really amazed her!

Really ah? No female creatives on telco? Is that why I am so weird?

Dont worry, you have the ultimate female boss to back you guys up.

I think u r definitely tough enough. Compare to your previous ageny, the Gun *** ****, at least in terms of working hour is a paradise now.

As you said, if one can survive there, he can survive almost anywhere.

Is it? I think a few gray hairs just popped up.

are you working in M&C Saatchi by chance?

its' because you're wierd. It's because you rock and you are one tough rocker chick!

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