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Friday, January 12, 2007 

Speed Blogging

The internet was down due to the recent Taiwan earthquake so I am speed blogging today.

HOME ALONE: MIL & FIL went on a holiday for a week, which left the house pretty empty.

Before MIL left, she entrusted the maid’s (let’s call her Anna) cleaning task to me, telling me to keep an eye on erm, certain matters. Maybe that’s why I feel important all of the sudden. *ahem*

Upon MIL’s departure, I had a chat with Anna, reinforcing MIL’s concern and telling her to start the day after since it was already evening. Our convo was as follow:

Me: Anna, awak cuci apa yang mama pesan besok la ya. Sekarang sudah lewat.
Anna: Esok tak senang.
Me: Tak senang? Buat apa tak senang?!
Anna: Cuci depan.
Me: Cuci satu hari ke?
Anna: Bukan. Ada bilik papa lagi...
Me: Mama cakap satu minggu tak payah cuci bilik papa. Awak cuci apa yang mama suruh ok? Kasi bursih-bursih, tak mau mama marah lagi.
Anna: Ya...

Tensionya I... (-_-)

CHRISTMAS: Nothing much happened. Went to church, came home, bummed around the empty house, ate a lot. Clyde gave me a Sony Ericsson K618i as Christmas pressie and 2 pairs of white gold earrings to congratulate me on my award wins. In return, I gave him a biography book titled Burton On Burton (Clyde is a huge fan), L’occitane perfume (Clyde is a vain pot), an ugly dog soft toy (Clyde likes all things ugly. One day I shall show his awful ‘No Comment’ t-shirt he bought from Tokyo. The only beautiful thing in his life is ME *ahaks*) and a solar-powered-metal-airplane-ferris-wheel-toy thingy (Clyde is a big kid).

Thanks ya! Love the thoughts that came with the gifts!

NEW YEAR: Again, us being unhappening people, we stayed in. It was also the beginning of my long leave.

BANGKOK: ...didn’t happen.

Was supposed to go for a shopping trip from 5th Jan - 8th Jan, but some sick retards bombed Bkk on New Year’s eve and most of us ended up not going. The two who went said business was as usual. Tensionya.

Seriously, if people are so unhappy with themselves or feel so angry with the world, they should just organise a Kempen Bunuh Diri Beramai-ramai and be done with life. What are you trying to prove by blowing up innocent civilians? Use your brains, you self-righteous, pompous, pig-shagging dogs.

OTHER MATTERS: Did some hard-core shopping with friends and bought 8 skirts, 1 pair of pants, 2 tank tops, 1 t-shirt, 1 blouse, 3 evening bags, 2 tubes, some skin care and assorted undies.

All I need now are 2 pairs of sandals. :D

3RD ANNIVERSARY: Bonnie and Clyde celebrated their 3rd Wedding Anniversary on Wednesday 10 Jan 2007. We wanted to dine at Luna Bar, just to glam things up for once but it was not to be. For starters, the waiter refused us window seats simply because there were only 2 of us and the breathtaking view is reserved for groups of 4 or more. But the whole place is empty, brudder. Never mind. Just in case customers call to book group seats. Seeing that we would be chucked in a corner, Clyde and I left and went a few floors below for Thai food. I think the restaurant is called Soi 23 or something. We had a simple 3 dish meal with dessert and head on back. Clyde dropped me off to collect my car and I started to feel queasy. The moment I reached home, I retched.

Nothing came out.

In between shower and bedtime, I threw up a good 4 times.

Thailand is so not meant to be for me. :(

But the flowers are lovely, dear. :)

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