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Monday, November 27, 2006 

Oh, What A Night!

Fingers crossed, butterflies in my stomach, lump in my throat...

I didn’t hear a word of the speeches given by the 4 a’s chairman although I enjoyed the Creative Jury’s short speech wittily delivered by his agency’s tea lady.

I couldn’t eat.

I felt like throwing up.

I forced down a measly portion of the first course, skipped the sharks fin soup (but of course) and when the chicken dish came, I surrendered. I just couldn’t stomach the piece of chicken Kopilighter (my partner) put on my plate.

For some reason 4a’s jumbled up the awards give out. The category I was supposed to win in was listed the first, but some how it came 4th, I think. That was the longest 2 hours of my life.

Kopilighter kept walking in and out. When the emcee announced the TV category, I called him in, only to be surprised that it still wasn’t what we were waiting for.

When the calling finally came, I was stunned. Can’t believe this is happening to us! Our bosses sitting at the next table went “Go, go GO!!!”

I had to choose the longest winding path to the stage. Kopilighter was right behind me until he gave up and told me to follow him. Thoughts of falling down on stage, forgetting to shake the emcee’s hand and my pants ripping apart flooded my mind.

And so we went.


The lights were blinding and Kopilighter kept rushing off the stage without posing for the photographer and I had to stop him. Bro, how are we going to be famous without being photographed?! :)

It was a pleasant surprise for a submission I almost forgot about. But I left Sunway Resort a very, VERY happy person. Surprisingly I didn’t party, but drove straight home, beaming from ear to ear, dying to show Clyde my winnings. Many thanks to my generous partner who agreed to let me have a first hand in hoarding the awards.

Kopilighter, here’s to many more. You’re simply awesome. Twinkle, twinkle, man!

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