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Wednesday, November 01, 2006 

The Fisherman & The fairy

There’s this story:

One day a fisherman was tiding his boat trying to catch some fishes from the pond. Suddenly he heard a wonderful music and he found that it’s from a fairy sitting near the pond playing with her flute. The even more wonderful thing was, with such music flowing in the air, fishes started to spring off the water and many of them fell into the fisherman’s boat. Within minutes the fisherman’s boat was full of fishes.

“That’s neat! If the fairy play her tune everyday, fishes would just jump into my boat and I would not need to work hard anymore!” The fisherman thought.

After he parked his boat, the fisherman approached the fairy.

“Can you play that tune again tomorrow?” The fisherman asked.

“I’m not sure. I can only play it when I am satisfy..”

“Then what can be done to make you satisfy?” Not giving up, the fisherman tried to find out what’s the cause of the fairy’s happiness.

“Only when I have some honey from the forest,” the fairy said.

“Alright, I will bring you some wild honey tomorrow and you will play that tune.”

The next morning the fisherman started his journey into the nearby forest. Being a person who earned his living from the water, he didn’t have a clue about forest and mountain; not to mention how to track down a bee hive. He walked the whole day and found nothing. Worse, when it started to get dark, he noticed he was lost. Hungry and thirsty, he kept walking in the forest without direction.

Finally he met a hunter in the forest who was about to go home. After listening to the fisherman, the hunter brought him to his little hut. They had dinner together while the hunter spent most of the night teaching the fisherman all useful skills and knowledge about surviving in the forest.

The next morning, after thanking the hunter, the fisherman continued his journey. By God’s grace, after searching half a day, the fisherman finally found a hive. The only problem now is, he didn’t, too, have a clue on how to collect honey from the bee hive. He stared at the hive for hours, pondering and trying to find a way to collect honey without being attacked by the bees. Finally, he decided to do it his own way; to cut down the hive and ran as fast as he could.

Obviously the plan didn’t work. 5 minutes later, the fisherman was lying on the ground with lumps all over his body; only without any honey. While he was moaning in his pain, the same hunter heard him and approached him once again. The hunter applied medicine onto the fisherman and gave him some honey he had just collected from the same hive the fisherman was trying to get.

Although feeling massive pain all over his body, the fisherman told himself at least his goal was accomplished. So he started to walk back to the pond where he met the fairy. When he reached there, it’s already dawn. The fisherman saw the fairy again though she somehow looked different. Without thinking much, the he passed the honey to her and the fairy happily took it and finished it.

When the fairy took the last sip of the honey, the fisherman politely asked whether she could play that tune again. “What tune? I was not even here before. This’s the first time I stop by this pond and, I cant play flute. Anyway thanks for your honey and bye,” the fairy said and quickly flew and varnish into the mist.

The fisherman fell onto the ground, thinking what he had been through and all his effort wasted, he started to cry loudly.

“Why are you crying? I thought you are going to get me some honey?”

The fisherman looked up and saw a fairy in front of him. It’s the same fairy whom he wanted to give his honey to. Showered with sorrow and disappointment, the fisherman told the fairy what happened. The fairy listened and then she started laughing.

“My dear fisherman friend, if fishes are all you wanted, with your net and your boat you should just get out there and fish! There’s no need for jungle tracking and honey collecting.”

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